What do you like best, like least?

First, name your religion (denomination, etc). Next tell us what you like most about it and what you like least.

I’m Catholic (Roman Rite). I like the Eucharist the best. I like the sign of peace the least. Wouldn’t mind it so much after Communion, but before? Unsanitary. But I supposed handling the books is unsanitary, too.

Maybe the old custom of wearing gloves to Mass has a very practical purpose for the women. What about the men?! How odd would one look if he began weariing driving gloves to Mass in August? :smiley:

I am Lutheran (LCMS). I like our Doctrine of Justification - By Grace alone through faith in Christ. I like least our tendency to be somewhat congregational in polity (in the LCMS), which leads to laxity in practice and catechesis, and reluctance in pursuing unity and complacency in pursuing apostolic succession.


I am a Catholic Christian. I like best the Eucharist, I like least liturgical abuse.

I am Roman Catholic.

My favorite thing about being Catholic is that I believe that I belong to the First & Best Christian Church, Founded by Christ and still standing after all of these years because of Christ’s promise that not even the gates of hell would prevail against her. (Yes I know that there has been corruption, this will happen whenever human beings get involved, but this just goes to show you how strong the promise of Christ is. His Church goes on not because of us, but because of Him).

My least favorite thing is that as an American Catholic I think that the American Church is far too liberal. We tend to try and be far too politically correct, almost as if we are afraid that we will lose members if we take a hard line against anything. (The Church does take a good strong stand against abortion, but in my opinion is way too soft on birth control issues, homosexuality, and co-habitation before marriage. To name a few).


I am a Roman Catholic

What i like the most is the Catholic values we share with our fellow parishiners.

What i like the least is the many “dead” people who come to church just because they have to

God Bless

I’m Catholic. What I like best is the Eucharist, of course, and the assurance of sins being forgiven. Next best is going to mass or divine liturgy anywhere, with any group, in any culture, in any language, and knowing I’m at home, I belong there.

What bothers me is when people turn their backs to the tabernacle and chat loudly in church before and after mass when they could just as easily wait until they get outside. I think it’s disrespectful to Jesus and to those who come early or stay after to pray.

I love being a catholic.I love everything that means & encompasses.I love being a desciple of Jesus Christ.I love attending Mass daily & receiving The Body of our Blessed Lord.
The only thing i dont like is …I hate letting God down by sinning.I love My Lord and my God above all things
God Bless

I am Catholic. I love that the Church was founded by Jesus Christ himself and that it can be traced ALL the way back to the apostles.

I least like that Communion while in a state of grace is not emphasized enough by many priests.

I am a Catholic… what I like most about it is the Eucharist and …I love all the teachings of the Church particularly about our Blessed Mother! :slight_smile:

what I like least is liturgical abuse, but I realize all this happens because the devil hates the Church and is attacking it all the time.

we need to pray for the Church :slight_smile:

I am not a member of any religion. I am trying to find more answers before I decide.

What I like best about not being in a religion…is being able to live life by my own conscience instead of the morals set forth in a holy book. It’s a liberating experience to be a good person and know that you are good merely because your conscience makes you so.

What I like least about not being in a religion…there is no community for me. I cannot go to church and meet new, good people to befriend. I cannot make connections with people and establish myself in a local community. This is especially hard down here in Louisiana, where church is a central meeting place for a certain community.

I am a Mormon; and what I like most about the LDS Church is the whole concept of the “Restoration”. I love the idea of modern revelation, leading to an open canon of scripture. I absolutely love the Book of Mormon, a modern day revelation and a fantastic book of scripture, and a powerful new witness to the divinity of Jesus Christ. I love the idea of being led by prophets and Apostles, who are in direct communion with the Lord, and are able to lead the Church by revelation. I love the idea of the restoration of the Priesthood, and the authority to administer the sacraments of the Church. I love the fact that we do not have a professional clergy, and that all worthy members of the Church can be ordained to the priesthood, and can play a role in the government and organization of the Church.

There is very little that I can honestly say that I don’t like about it. In fact, I can’t think of any! If pushed, perhaps the only thing I can say I don’t like about it is that the members of the Church are not perfect, and sometimes they mess things up. But since I suffer from that malady myself more than most, that is hardly something I can complain about! :slight_smile:

I am an evangelical with the Assemblies of God. What originally attracted me to it was the fact that one can often worship with joy… even a touch of excitement. Its charismatic emphasis always left you with a sense of wonder of what God is doing and even going to do in people’s lives. It was a sense of being alive after years of a childhood filled with just going through the motions.

As for what I like the least… Well, my greatest criticism of “the charismatic movement” as a whole has to be that it has become a selfish movement bent only on seeing how God can bless the individual. Community is a forgotten concept. I admire Christianity that focuses on worship as a communal experience, meant to be shared as a complete body of Christ.

I’m Episcopalian, and I love the liturgy and Eucharist best, but I love almost everything about my church. There is deep reverence to God on the part of clergy and congregants, a true commitment to serving others, and a broad array of members who are engaged in ministry.

What I am unhappy about is the degree to which some of my fellow Episcopalians have forgotten our most important principle: We may disagree during the week, but on Sunday we come together and worship God as one.

I am Roman Catholic. What I like most is the Eucharist, a valid priesthood, confession, unity, and a feeling of confidence in the Holy See that we will never be corrupted with many of the heresies I see in some denominations. I love the feeling of being attached to an ancient tradition and a stubborn (in a good way) Church that refuses to give in to abortion rights, women clerics, rampant divorce, cohabitation, and all the other sins we’re facing in this day and age.

What I hate about Roman Catholicism is the Norvus Ordo Mass (gag!), Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist trying to bless my kids at Mass! (LOL), priests that are not very pastoral and don’t get back to you, charging families for VBS (??), and sometimes a culture of people who look at Catholicism legalistically thinking, like Pharisees, that because they follow the rules THEY’RE holier than thou and look down on other Catholics as “cafeteria Catholics.” Catholics who think they’re holier than the pope and think Protestants and Orthodox are inferior can be annoying. Also, Catholics who quote Scott Hahn more than scripture drive me nuts! lol:p

I am Roman Catholic and I like going into Church and touching 2,000 years of history, seeing the statues of Saints who have lived exemplary Christian lives and/or died for their Faith. I love the concept of the Communion of Saints, that we are all one with them and can ask them to pray with us and for us, even as we pray with and for them.
I least like the feeling that I may never be able to do all the right things to go to heaven and that i may lose salvation. Other faiths seem to have this blessed assurance.

I am an Episcopalian so, that makes it obvious I attend an Episcopal church.

Lets me see…What do Iike most about my church. There are so many things but, let me, as Fezzik from “Princess Bride” would say, “sum up.”

1–The liturgy is beautiful. Definitely brings me closer to God. I absolutely have become enamored with The Book of Common Prayer. Next to the Bible, the BCP has become my second pillar of faith.

2–Weekly Communion, I feel, is not only an essential for the faith but also renews and strengthens me for the week.

3–I can COMPLETELY come to God as my WHOLE self. I never could be whole in a Congregational, “Born-Again” or even Covenant church because, no matter which one I went to, I left something VITAL behind.

With the Congregationals/Evangelicals, it felt as if I went through a lobotomy. For me, the air of “leaving your brain at home” was just rampant and prevalent in Congrerational/Evangelical churches as well as their entire mindset. The Covenant churches would NEVER let me attend en femme (in a feminine wardrobe). Obviously the Congregationals/Evangelicals would NEVER stand for my attending in a dress or skirt and blouse. Thus, by leaving this integral and vital part of myself behind, I didn’t feel comfortable and I couldn’t grow in grace and in Christlikeness so, those churches never allowed me to grow in/grow with God.

On the other side of the road, my Episcopal church allows me to feel whole as well as gives me the liberty to attend as my truly transgendered (NOT transsexual, NOT gay) self. I am even granted the blessing to attend wearing the feminine wardrobe which I feel is best and brings out the best part of myself.

So, thanks to my Episcopal church, I am a whole person which I can bring to God.

First, I would like to thank all of you, staff and participants for allowing me to be here. I am a former Catholic who converted to Judaism back in 2002. What I love is the chanting of Hebrew, the beautiful songs that we sing, the warmth of the Holy Days and praying Tehillim. I also love lighting the Shabbat(Sabbath)candles and the peace of Sabbath.

Religion: Catholic

Pros: it cheeses off my liberal friends.

Cons: almost all my friends are liberal. :shrug:

What was I thinking?! That was Inigo Montoya’s line.

I am an Orthodox Christian, and there is so much that I love about the Orthodox Church that I can’t possibly list it all here, so I’ll limit it to three things:

  1. By far the most beautiful, elegant, reverent, holy, dignified, joyful, exuberant worship I have ever seen.
  2. The doctrine has not changed one iota in two thousand years.
  3. The OC is still quite small–and relatively unknown–in the U.S. so we haven’t (yet) received all the anti-catholic abuse that our brethren in the RC Church have.

What do I like least? Ethnocentrism/borderline phyletism.

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