What do you suppose was God's purpose for creating the dinosaurs?

Yes. God does not create for utilitarian purposes. Everything has a purpose, but the primary purpose is as you say, not for it’s “usefullness”.


Look up Theology of the Body.
St JP2 discusses man’s use of language in expressing creation and recognizing the “otherness” of other creatures.

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Yes, it does include all of those.

As per Genesis we know that Man Named all the creatures - including the woman - Eve

What do you suppose was God’s purpose for creating the dinosaurs?


OIL for m’car! :grinning: :red_car:

:hushed: - and possibly MORE!

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What exactly are you objecting to ?

Me? Has it not been you who’s been objecting to me?

including the woman, Eve.

Thank you.


Sir Richard Owen, Victorian scientist who coined the word “dinosaur” was a man.

Mammal ? Also coined by a man.

“An animal of the class Mammalia; an animal that suckles its young,” 1826, Englished form of Modern Latin Mammalia (1773), coined 1758 by Carl Linnaeus for that class of animals from neuter plural of Late Latin mammalis “of the breast,” from Latin mamma “breast,” which is cognate with mamma.

In Middle English, mammille was “a woman’s breast” (early 15c.).

What is your original idea, your original thesis, you appear to be continuing to change it as thethread progresses.

Do you know what eve means?

Are you saying Adam did not name everything?

What do you suppose was God’s purpose for creating the dinosaurs?

To show us how the mighty have fallen.

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Yes… I know what “Eve” means… You?

Please to Look at what I’d said…

Sir Richard Owen, Victorian scientist who coined the word “dinosaur” was a man.

Were Dinosaurs walking/swimming about when Adam walked the Earth?

Adam named the woman who was given to him by God - as his helper

What does Eve mean, what are its roots as a name.

What does helper mean in this instant, and all itstranslations, I have asked that before, with no reply.

Primarily and most importantly - in English -

  • EVE is the name of ADAM’s Wife - the first human female and mother and wife

meaning? LIFE seems close… As in She who gives Life - as in Earth / feminine.

In Semitic Languages we have linguistic roots Hebrew hawwah Arabic hayya Aramaic hayyin -
and that does not exclude other forms of -Semitic languages…

Eve has a few meanings , it does not mean ‘Adam’s wife’

Where are you quoting yiur linguistic root from and what does that even mean

yiur? and what does that even mean?


the i should be an o. Too late to change now.

Hopefully you can now answer

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Eve was Adam’s Wife…

That was not the question

Who was Eve? Eve was Adam’s Wife.

I’ve already spoken (briefly) of a meaning…

You appear to have missed that as well.

I think it’s obvious that dinosaurs were created to give Chuck Norris a worthy adversary to vanquish. As we know from ample scientific evidence, the giant meteor that ultimately killed the dinosaurs broke off when Chuck Norris gave a high roundhouse kick to what is now Mt. Rushmore, knocking it into outer space. Earth’s gravitational pull caught it and threw it back down towards the ground, resulting in the near apocalyptic crash. Obviously none of you did very well in science class.


Tongue in cheek, of course …

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