What do you think about EWTN's "Fourth Rupture" series?

I happened to stumble across this EWTN series, The Fourth Rupture, about our “rupture” with the environment/God’s creation and the need for environmental awareness and healing within a Catholic perspective. See: ewtn.com/series/shows/the-fourth-rupture/index.asp

The 13 episode series apparently already aired on EWTN, but just started again about a week or so ago (on Sun 4:30 pm Central time), and I caught the first episode.

Has anyone here been watching it, and what do you think about it?

this should be a hoote, to the recognition the reality is, theirs about zero logic to the big scare of eviromental concern, its all about selling somebody something so somebody can make a buck.
and that stems from the fact a corporation will go to a university and say, we make big donation to your little community of education, then you teach what we are selling is the cure all to the worlds envormental problems. and lot of time, its things like chemicals or plants that produce a great volume, but are devoid of nutritional value…

the US is consuming huge quanities of resources, at a rediculas pace, importing huge quanties of stuff, to maintain a over bloated fictional economy that is defunct, to sustain a mass volume of production…
marijuana, a forbiden plant is the US is number one cash crop.
corn, is the US number one legal crop, that is, Sugar, a huge health hazard, daaaa over consuption of sugar, makes you stupid.

One of the biggest issues today, is the focus of the US government intervention in production is that corn be raised for economic stimulas, and alot of that is being concerted to alcohol for people to drive around, and the corn is then being essentially dumped in the ocean to feed the fish, but that canbe said, we are dumping our top soil in the ocean to feed fish. Now that is an ignorance that would be interesting if anybody points that out in this series. and dont forget the pumping of water out of aquafers to grow all this corn…

The point is, the US is using large quanities of resources today, to produce what is not needed, leaving the future geneations a mess.

Rupture, the socialist federal government is the biggest rupture, the US dependence on the outside world for its food, is the crime against humanity.

You make good points.

Have you seen the series or some episodes?

I’ve only seen 2 episodes, but I have this eerie feeling it is not really into serious environmental issues, such as climate change, and solutions that will really help not only mitigate climate change but a host of other problems, including the ones you mention. But I could be wrong, since I haven’t seen the entire series.

I’ve seen a few more of the episodes and it really seems to have a lot of misrepresenting environmentalism and attacking it. Setting up strawmen to attack and red herrings to distract.

The host seems unaware of mainstream environmentalism and environmentalists, the vast silent majority of them across the nation and around the world – which is mainly moms (yes, most are women rather than men) who are members of mainstream churches living in suburbs (and certainly not in hippy or neopagan cults) doing env things bec they care about their children. At least that’s been my experiences with environmentalists – just regular folks who happen also to care about life on planet earth, including people and their own children and grandchildren. So it may be that the host only runs into weird environmentalists spouting anti-Christian things (which leads me to believe they are not so much environmentalists, but use environmentalism to promote their real agenda of dissing Christianity).

I have met some college student environmentalists who are disillusioned by Christians bec they don’t see Christians on campus (except me) doing much about the environment, but it is the Christians’ lack of concern about life and lack of action to try and save it that causes some to develop a negative idea about Christians, and not some weird strand of enviornmental philosophy (of which they are really not aware).

So far in the 4th Rupture series there is not much focus on solutions. If I were doing the series, I’d spend at least a third of the time talking about solutions that not only reduce environmental problems, but also save us money and strengthen the economy. I’d talk about the “Little Way of Environmental Healing,” and how it is important to do even small things out of love for God and His creation (including our fellow people), because as Mother Teresa said, our love makes it infinite.

So how about taking a hanky for wiping hands in public restrooms, and turning out that light not in use, and taking that reusable shopping bag when shopping (even store bags that one can reuse). Once one sees it will not harm them, they can take more baby steps, and even perhaps eventually even some big steps that will help save the earth while saving big bucks.

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