What do you think about Mandeans (Gnostic religion)?

As I pointed out in the title; they are Gnostic. They are actually quite interesting with their beliefs.

They believe that there are two realms known as the light, and the other as the dark. The light is ruled by the God of light and he is good. The dark is ruled by the God of darkness and he is evil. In both of these realms smaller gods all inhabit them known as kings. They believe the first few prophets in the Bible (From Adam and Eve to Enoch) were the first prophets and all prophets after them are evil. They believe Abraham and Moses were false prophets and basically the definition of evil. John the Baptist is the only exception though. John the Baptist is actually their main guy. They believe he is the real messiah! They teach Jesus was a follower of John but corrupted his teachings and created his own. They hate Jesus… a lot! They basically believe he was one of the most evil person in history. They also teach the Holy Spirit is a evil god. They do have scriptures known as the Ginza which is similar to the Bible and the Qur’an. They go on to teach that baptism washes away sins (which is does) but they teach that you must be baptized by a Priest every time you do a sin. Their Baptism is basically like our Eucharist. It’s very important to them; it’s apart of their main worship service at their churches. According to them, one must be fully pure to enter the realm of light. Baptism is what makes you pure. So that is why one must be baptized repeatably. They teach that at death one must have Priest to release their soul from their own body at a mass for the dead. They either go to the realm of light, or to the realm of darkness.

No one knows their origin. Followers of the religion claim they were followers of John the Baptist who choose not to follow Jesus and his “corrupt” teachings. Some historians believe they may have risen in the 2nd century. But other historians connect them to a heretical Christian sect in the 4th century.

Like I said in the summary of their beliefs; baptism is the main part of their worship. They gather every Sunday to have the Priest baptize people in living water. After one is baptize the Priest puts a plant on the top of your head. I think it symbolizes purity but I’m not to sure. I heard they also tattoo themselves to mark that they are Mandeans, but I’m not too sure if that is true either. They follow many laws similar to the Jewish laws. They have a similar dietary law, a similar law about sin etc. Some people like to refer to them as Gnostic Jews. Even though they are not Jewish at all.

So tell me what you think in the post. I found these people really interesting and wanted to start a discussion of them on the forums. Now, I see these people as very far from the truth and deceived by Satan. Luckily their numbers are decreasing so maybe we can destroy this heretical belief. Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

From what I have read, they have no real written text, keep to themselves, are and ethnoreligious group with no interest in evangelisation or prosthelitising. So why bother destroying them?

Looks like their numbers are already falling, sadly by having their home and culture destroyed by war and having to become refugees.

I think they should be left alone.

Pretty typical gnostic thought. Maybe the oldest heresy to afflict the Church.

No, no, no, I don’t mean like kill them! I mean like evangelize them and show them that their beliefs are false and destroy the beliefs…

Second oldest heresy. The Circumcisers were the first heresy.


Kurt Rudolph studied the Mandaeans in detail. I corresponded very briefly with him. I have a copy of the Ginza. Mandaeans do have a written scripture. They are not very open about sharing some of their teachings, for one reason because they believe in reincarnation and all those who are to be Mandaeans have already been born, so trying to convert anyone else would be a waste of time. There is a portion of Zoroastrians who also believe that all spirits who would be Zoroastrian also already have bodies; they reject converts. Another portion of Zoroastrians accepts converts. It’s been a while since I studied this, but I think I remember this much correctly.


HaHa, no I did not think you meant they should be killed.

But, I still maintain…leave they alone.

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