What do you think about the Resurrection sculpture in the Paul VI Audience Hall?


I personally really don’t like it.
Interested in your thoughts.


You aren’t going to include a picture?


Need the picture.


I don’t really care for it.


No, I am not a modernist. Not my cup of tea.


The Sculpture? doesn’t it represent all the holy souls going to Heaven from Purgatory


Me? No, Holy souls don’t go from purgatory to hell.

Which part of which creed are you referring to.

Here is a link to what it’s actually depicting.


what on earth are you talking about?
am I meant to be RK?

mate, time to put down the internet and go watch the footy.

Do you know about Purgatory? heres a primer.
when we die, if we are not perfect, as only saints are perfect, but we are in God’s good grace and accept His offer of mercy and forgiveness,
we go to purgatory.
Now after a stint in purgatory, becoming purified souls, we get upgraded to heaven, to the Beatific Vision.
we never ever go from purgatory to hell.

Now if we die rejecting God’s mercy, forgiveness and love, and are judged by God to be hell material,
we go straight to hell.
there is no getting out of hell, there is no going from hell to purgatory.
thats it, we are in hell for eternity.

read the link, the artist is dead, but it is commonly thought the artist was representing man emerging from nuclear holocaust. At some stage , someone interpreted very differently.
Now because the artist is dead, we will never know what the intention was.
And being art, we are free to interpret as we like. And if you peruse the internet , you will see some factions use it and a few other things to prove the catholic church is demonic.


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