What do you think about these musicians?

We always hear about these musicians trying to spread a liberal agenda. These people also support liberal canditates. Then they go ahead and right songs about God. I’m not trying to judge. What’s your opinion

Well, I hear the current trend in the U.S. is that people are more “spiritual” than “religious” so since they don’t adhere to absolute morality as expressed in the Judeo-Christian tradition, they think they are still being faithful to God in their own way.

That’s why issues like environmentalism or animal rights outweigh abortion and why the right to choose and marry members of the same-sex are “moral” to them.

I think you can listen to music or read a book without approving of every opinion the artist may hold.

I’m a huge fan of Dickens, but he was a man of his place and times, and as such he was anti-Catholic and anti-American. It only diminishes my enjoyment in those passages where he uses the story as a weapon to blugeon.

I enjoyed Laura Ingrahm’s ‘Shut up and Sing’, which examined exactly why the entertainment industry feels compelled to lecture everyone. And I agree with her thesis that the more political an actor or singer is, the less impact their art will actually have.

But if I can enjoy the friendship of people I disagree with, I should be able to enjoy their music [etc.] too. If I judge others on purely political grounds, I’m not much of a Christian, not much of a human being.

I would have to agree. Judging people solely on political ideas (as opposed to moral issues which involve politics) is not at all charitable.

Leftist musicians are awesome. And please define ‘liberal agenda’ if you don’t mind.

so your saying i’m judging them?

If i listened to music on the basis of politics then i wouldn’t listen to that much. I didn’t say i don’t listen to certain musicians because of their poitical ideals.

I guess I didn’t mean to say “judging”. I could be wrong, but sometimes I get the impression that when people discuss the political involvement of politicians that they like or dislike them on that basis. Like I said, I could be wrong, and I have problem with assuming things anyway. It happens to me all the time.

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