What do you think about this priest's advice regarding birth control?

Sexual intimacy, with contraception is emotionally damaging. I promise, even though there is often struggle with natural family planning, it is better than the living hell that comes with using artificial contraception. God’s way is natural, pure, unselfish and freeing! Contraception brings with it a mindset of “doing as I please” and “making my own rules.” It does not bring freedom, that’s a lie.

I will pray for this priest. Holy Mother Church is correct. God bless you.


This one of the main problems with people who reject nfp as if it were the same as artificial birth control. They don’t have awareness of their cycles or tolerance for continence when needed. I’ll try and find where Pope St JPII wrote about nfp as an actual spiritual virtue that enhances the marriage.


Yes, this same priest did have an awareness of that teaching, because I remember him explaining that one of the great things about NFP was that it helps the couple to learn to understand the woman’s body and to respect her cyclical changes. He definitely conveyed that under ordinary circumstances NFP could bring people closer to together and create a more humane kind of sexual relationship based on mutual understanding and respect. So yes, he certainly had an awareness of that. But he seemed to think that in exceptional circumstances that could prove insufficient and one could resort to using condoms as a way of avoiding further suffering.

Except that’s not what’s happening here. The European priest is giving unsound advice to his parishioners. And the Anglican theologian is okay with it.
You were the one who said he called the European priest urbane and sophisticated.

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The signs of fertility are indeed the same for every woman. The fertility signs used include: body temp, cervical mucus, and cervical position. Methods of observation vary.

Also, in the methods that use testing strips, the fertility signs consist of female hormones.

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I didn’t say the person was “totally racist”. That statement certainly is.

This isn’t a rule, it’s the moral law. It’s not up for debate and there aren’t any exceptions. It’s grave matter against the sixth commandment.

No power on earth can give someone “permission” to sin against God. So yes, the priest is wrong to do so.

It’s not about “deviation from strict adherence”. I mean, what do we call those who deviate from the strict adherence of the seventh commandment? Thieves. What do we call those who deviate from strict adherence to the fifth commandment? Murderers.

The commandments do not admit a greater or lesser adherence— we adhere, period. When we don’t, that’s what confession is for.

As he should. Since that is an impediment to valid marriage, he could not knowingly witness such a marriage.


It is terrible that “an urbane and sophisticated [presumably Roman Catholic] priest” would advise anyone to commit a grave sin.

Luckily, those in Africa are getting better advice.


This is funny because the Church of England is so desperate to be a multicultural church. But this attitude is present in the CofE’s liberal wing and they continue to wonder why non-whites flock to Pentecostal and Baptist churches or even the conservative Evangelical parishes in the CofE (yes they do exist!).

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It is ironic that these are the two topics that come up. In the one case, priests and bishops are very rightly criticized for going against Church teaching, and in the other, the Church is criticized for not going against Church teaching.

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True, but no “happiness” that relies upon mortal sin is a happiness worth having.


What do you want me to say about it?

Why? We are bound to follow Church teaching. The priest is not allowed to “excuse” us from following the Church teaching, nor is he permitted to give advice that goes squarely against it.

In addition, those of us who are sincerely trying to follow Church teachings are not concerned with how others might perceive the teaching or how those outside the Church might feel about the teaching. Why would we care? People are committing sins and immoralities right and left every day because they don’t agree with Church teaching. The Church does not change to accommodate them.

We’re also not Anglicans. If the Anglicans or Episcopalians or whoever want to agree with the priest’s bad advice, that’s their problem. We are Catholic.


He would be gravely mistaken. There is no compromising with that which is intrinsically evil.


I mean counseled by a priest. Several in fact. And the Church’s teaching on birth control is not problematic. What is problematic is the attitude of some like yourself who seem to want to smile when telling someone to eat poison because they think it is merciful.


Sorry? I’m wondering whether you were meaning to reply to somebody else. I’m the only person on this thread who actually sympathises with your situation and agrees with the advice you have received. I think I’ve been fairly consistently critical of the Church’s position on birth control and have made no secret of that. I certainly have no idea what you are getting at when you say that I smile while people eat poison because I think it’s merciful. No idea at all. I think you must have misread everything I said.

Why would you go to a Priest for such advice?

He means your compassion is disordered because artificial contraception is absolutely forbidden by the Church and anyone who says it is okay to use contraception to stop procreation, whether it be you, the priest with whom you spoke or the priest(s) with whom he spoke, is advising him it is okay to sin gravely (poison).

Priests and even bishops can be wrong. The ones with whom both of you spoke were.


I see. That does clarify things. I assume that Ida is a woman.

I’m wondering how you could assume so much. You are not on my side by advocating that birth control is ok. I’m also shocked because you do so knowing nothing of the situation. Your contributions on this thread have been damaging to those who wish to attain holiness.

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