What do you think about this priest's advice regarding birth control?

I’m a man. May I ask why on earth you would assume my gender by what I’ve posted?

Why would I go to a priest about moral advice?

He assumed because Ida is a woman’s name.


The prohibition against contraception is a very well known Catholic teaching. I can think of some situations which might take a Catholic into Confession or direction that are difficult life situations such as not being able to convince a partner not to use contraception. But that would be a pastoral internal forum environment. Not one that would be later used against a Priest as if he were defying the Church.

I have only ever known Ida to be a woman’s name, pronounced “EE-da” in Poland, Italy, and other parts of continental Europe, and “EYE-da” in the anglophone world. It is a bit confusing for you to adopt a female name if you are a man. I have also latterly realised that there are a number of places in the US, Canada, Ireland, and elsewhere called Ida.

Ida is not my name. I didn’t even think of that! Dang

The times that my wife or I have been told or heard from a priest that ABC is ok are a few. 2 times in confession, 1 time after Mass when a priest misunderstood Pope BXVI talking about condoms and told a group of people that the church had changed its teaching and once when talking to a priest who found out my wife was pregnant. I reported these to the bishop.

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I could understand a Priest making that mistake by misinterpreting Pope Benedicts statement. What sort of thing would make a Priest advise a Catholic to use contraception in confession though?

I think its common.

You’ve brought forth an accusation without context or willingness to expound upon. Not once in 57 years of going to confession have I been advised to use contraception so I take that with a grain of salt.

I think it is common where I have lived. In the Pacific northwest the two colleges I attended that were Catholic were pro contraception and the priests I’ve known have seemed to disagree with the prohibition. However other places I’ve lived have been more in line with Church teaching. Like I said. I’ve reported the incidences I have first hand knowledge of.

I think we all know there are priests who skew very liberal and will advise people that all sorts of things are okay when they are really not.

I personally never asked a priest a question about contraception, but in reviewing the priests I have known I can pretty much tell you which ones would have adhered to the Church position and which other ones would have been most likely to depart from the Church position and try to find some loophole for me to keep contracepting.

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