What do you think about this theory of the end times and the antichrist? It may be right?


My dear friends
Following is my theory of the end times and the antichrist. It’s not a private revelation, just my theory based on recent discussions, research and meditation. I would like to know your thoughts on all this. Does it contradict anything it shouldn’t? What are your thoughts too?
Definition from [/FONT]http://www.therealpresence.org/dictionary/dictaintro.htm
**ANTICHRIST. **The chief of Christ’s enemies. The New Testament specifically names him only in I John 2:18, 2:22; 4:3, and II John 7, where he is identified with unbelievers who deny the Incarnation. Over the centuries the Antichrist has been variously associated with historical persons, e.g., Caligula, Simon Magus, and Nero, or again with organized movements such as Arianism. The more common Catholic interpretation says that he is not merely symbolic or an embodiment of the anti-Christian. The Antichrist is a real person. (Etym. Greek *antichristos, *against Christ.)
My opinion is that the antichrist is the demonic influence working through peoples and groups in the world since the time of Christ as spoken of by St John. I’m not sure if you can say he’s been around since before Christ but he certainly has been involved since the original sin.
Go to this link for a better explaination of what may be the antichrist. This is not an approved revelation but I am just using it to present my theory. I like this guy and he may well be genuine but he’s just being used here too assist me compiling my theory [/FONT]http://www.sign.org/index.phtml?p=prophecy&n=74
Think about all the people under demonic influence today such as muslims, communists, atheists, pagans, secular humanists, Satanists, freemasons, and on and on and on. Has there ever been such demonic influence in the world? I would doubt it.

The thing that is determining the power of the antichrist as history rolls on is the great battle between the mystical body of Christ and the mystical body of satan. This is why we sometimes have golden ages in the church – the mystical body of Christ is winning. And when great trials and persecution come it’s because the mystical body of satan is winning.
For an explaination of what this is go to [/FONT]http://www.therealpresence.org/archives/Christian_Morality/Christian_Morality_003.htm
It seems to me that the mystical body of satan started to get ahead in the 1960’s. Can you argue if you think about it?
I like this little quote from these forums I found. The thread is here- [/FONT]http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=140464

Re: "the smoke of satan has entered the sanctuary

Shortly after the close of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI was overwhelmed by the universal rejection of many of the Council’s teachings.
Pope Paul VI stunned the world with the words: "We have the impression that through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God: it is doubt, uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation… We thought that after the Council a day of sunshine would have dawned for the history of the Church. What dawned, instead, was a day of clouds and storms, of darkness, of searching and uncertainties." [Pope Paul VI, June 29, 1972, Homily during the Mass for Sts. Peter & [/COLOR]His teaching was met with abundant ridicule, mostly from the clergy.

Fr Gabriel Amorth said in an interview: *“I have no doubt whatever that the Devil is tempting the upper levels of the Church, above all, just as he tempts every upper level – political and industrial.” *

I propose that the pope was inspired by the Holy Spirit to announce that the mystical body of satan was winning and satan had even entered the church. I think it was a prophetic statement that he may not have known he was making that was announcing that the antichrist was gaining strength that would end in the end times this time.

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I won’t go over the whole period of the 1960’s until now but any person can do some research and see the immense rise in this demonic influence in the world until today and beyond. The mystical body of satan is winning. You cannot deny it. This means the path for the antichrist to wreak the havoc St John warned about is set right now.
On 9/11 we all saw some extraordinarily evil and terrible things. What were striking was the images of demons in the smoke. I think this was a sign from the antichrist that he had gained immense power and was nearing the time when he could wreak havoc on the world but more importantly against the church. This event ushered in the last days is my theory.
What will follow next could be great wars as proposed by Josep Terelya
See [/FONT]http://www.maltanetworkresources.com/catholic/ukrainian-catholic-mystic-josyp-terelya-warns-of-great-war-repost-from-2001/ I also recommend reading all his proposals for a very clear picture.
In the great nuclear holocausts that may come very soon we will see the annihilation of nations spoken of at Fatima.
After the absolute desolation to the world from these wars the antichrist which is all people and groups under demonic influence will form a new organization or group ( not necessarily a religion ) and insist the whole world joins it.
The problem for many people like catholics will be that they are not allowed to join for a moral reason.
So the antichrist will persecute and kill all who oppose or refuse to join her.
After a 3 ½ year reign of the antichrist the persecution will become so severe that Jesus will end time and return lest we all perish.
And so the final judgment and resurrection will immediately take place. The good go to heaven and the wicked to hell. Body and soul.
What do you think of my theory?


I think your theory is bonkers, but I am glad that you see the immense evil of this world and that you are worried about a possible punishment from Heaven.

You see, the Church is going thru a deep crisis.

They teach you that Jonah went to Niniveh and warned the people that they should repent or there was going to be punishment from Heaven… And the people listened.

Today, Our Lady (I mean the Mother of Jesus and of the Church) is coming to warn us and nobody takes any notice.
Most Catholics will tell you you shouldn’t take any notice.
This is how critcal the situation is.


Dear friend

Thanks for your comments. But when you say bonkers do you mean hard to believe or against the faith? I can see it’d be hard to believe but I can’t see anything contrary to faith or that says conclusively it’s not possible.
Are you able to clarify what’s bonkers? I’m just looking for answers. This started because the 3rd secret of Fatima appears to be certainly incomplete and I’ve been led to these conclusions.

All comments / input appreciated.

God bless:) :thumbsup:


Let me preface what I’m about to say with this: I’m a patriotic American who is a Navy veteran; however, anybody who appeals to the great evil of 9/11, in my honest opinion, has been living under a rock. While loss of any life is tragic, and 9/11 was certainly a horrible day for Americans, thousands of innocent people lose their lives around the world all the time. Innocent people have been getting killed for thousands of years. I guess my point is that I don’t think we’ve even begun to see the amount of evil that will occur in the world in the last days, and there is nothing extraordinary about the amount of evil in the world today.


Dear Russell,

Don’t worry.
I avoid attacking and humiliating people as much as I can. It is not Christian
Bonkers simply means silly.
The fact that your theory may not be against doctrine doesn’t means it’s true.
I could lead you to a site showing most of the prophets who thru the ages warned us about this coming end of times.
But CAF doesn’t allow private revelations and , on top of that, the site is in Italian.
Throughout the centuries people, including saints, monks, nuns, and all kind of Catholics, have been giving prophecies about the end of times.
Let me see if I can find the same thing in English and I shall send you a private message.
Love and hugs to you


“End-times” dose not mean the end of the world. It rather refers to the Age of the Church, the Year of the Lord, the Reign of Christ, the Day of Mercy before the Day of Justice, the thousand years between the Resurrection of Christ and the return of Christ.

“End-times” referring to the end of the world is a Protestant idea, and a poor one at that. “Times” is different from “time”; the former means an age, whereas the latter means a moment in history. Some substitute “end-times” with “end-time,” to give thier opinions more supposed weight, but since there is no such thing as an end-time, their opinions fall short of credibility and truth.

Stay away from Protestantism and study the Church’s teachings on the last things.


End of times and end of the world are different things.
End of times is the end of this civilization and this is what prophets have been talking about.
End of the world nobody knows when that will come
John, you’ll be very lonely if you insist in knowing about end of time prophecies because nobody wants to hear about it and they will all try to put you off investigating.
But’ it is a wonderful subject, at least it was for me, and you’ll be very busy for a long time.
You see, God sent his prophets to His elected people, the Jews, and the Jews killed them or harrassed them. The Jews didn’t want to hear.
Niniveh listened, although Niniveh was not part of Israel.
Do you understand this lesson?


How can there be 1,000 years between the Resurrection of Christ and the return of Christ if 2,000 years have already passed?


My apologies for not being more clear. I was referring to the thousand years in the Book of Revelation, when Satan is chained up. It symbolizes the Age of the Church, which extends after Jesus’ Resurrection to the time of His return.


Dear friend

Thx for your input and advice. I appreciate it. I just thought I’d put down what I was thinking about last night. I have found people don’t like the subject. I understand because I was the same a few weeks ago. I have a strong feeling people will become more interested soon. We will see.
God bless


Dearest friend

Can I tell you something that may be more than just a coincidence for you. This is your post umber 911 . Does 9/11 mean anything to you.

I understand that this was not the worst war crime etc to ever take place. But it’s quite a significant one. The demonic images were not just a sign the end times had begun, in my opinion, but they were the antichrist boasting and taunting us because he was winning and his time was here.

Our Lady of Fatima needs to be listened to and I wish I was a cardinal and had power to force the release of the rest of the secret/s from Fatima.

Food for thought.

God bless you:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Dearest friends

It may be, few of you have an interest in my theory but in any case I have just divulged my whole theory and more to His Holiness Pope Benedit XV1 via email 3 times to be sure it gets through.

I will pray he gets it and divulges the rest of the secret/s.

Please pray for thiis also.

God bless you all:)



How many threads are you going to open on this subject.


My dear friend Thistle

I don’t know to be honest. I hope not too many but I don’t know. If a great war breaks out I might dwell on the topic a great deal and people may be interested then.

I am curious as to why the topic is boring to so many. Can you explain please? Is it because you see it as a distant event that will not affect you?

Is it becuse of so many people in the past and today being doomsday prophets?

Has everyone become a bit cynical about the whole thing?

I have said what I wanted to say for now. I might try to see if I can help someone in other ways for a while. I will be back onto it if a great war breaks out though and I can’t guarantee I’ll have nothing to say beforehand.

I am keen for your answer to the questions though.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

P.S. I have wriiten to the Pope again. I fear my first letter failed for some simple mistakes in how to talk to a Pope. I didn’t edit the info much!!! I hope it gets through.


According to my parish priest, prophets are always doomsday prophets.
You don’t get prophets telling you optimistic messages

John Russell: In you I see myself a few years ago, when I started getting interested in end of time prophecies.
I do not see anything wrong with it.
However, having read so much, allow me to tell you this, respectfully:

Try not to be too naive.
It takes a lot of time and a lot of reading many books difficult to find to even get a rough idea of the shape the punishment could take.
You won’t be able to have a definite and final scenario.
Some say that it will all start when some terrorists put a big bomb in Israel, which would mean WW III.
Others say a different thing.
However, it may just be pure coincidence that we have an Iranian President wanting perhaps to produce a bomb who would like to see Israel wiped completely out of the map-.
But then all this is mere conjecture.


Dear Benedict

I don’t see myself as acting as a prophet of doom when I speak thus even though there is doom looming. I think about what happens after the doom. He who holds fast to the end shall be saved. I think of myself as acting as the prophet of hope and the glory to come.
Sorry if I sound melodramatic at times.
Thank you for your PM once again too.
Appreciate your advice friend.
God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Indeed, prophets say what Our Lady said at Fatima; that Her Immaculate Heart will win.
Yes, but what does that entail in human, “material” terms.The most reliable prophets say that after the presumed punishment the few survivors will wish they had died too.
Yes, they say that an era of 1000 years of true spiritual life will ensue, when the world will be agreeable to God.
Some even say that we shall go back to a very simple life, based on agriculture.
It doesn’t really matter, my friend.
It doesn’t really matter whether we shall live to see that or die before.
We want to go to Heaven.
At least, that’s what I want.
I want to live every day on this earth in a way that will earn me Heaven when I die.
But of course, the interesting thing about porophecies is that they teach you that , in order to be saved, you have to reject the ways of this world, the most corrupt one history has ever seen.


John, I think that your theory is one among many thousands.

In point of fact, it is Our Lord Himself Who has taught us that "only the Father knows … "
regarding when the end of time will come.

Therefore, it seems to me to be an exercise in futility to give the question any concern.

(Haven’t the Scriptural reference at hand but you might look at Mark:13.)


Dear friend

i can really appreciate what you say. I think our Lord and our Lady will and have warned us. A scripture quote with a brief possible explaination follows-
First a brief explaination from scripture that may explain why our Lord and our Lady are trying to warn us of these times. It shows that the belief we would not be forewarned just before the chastisement is not necessarily right.
24] For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

Could it be that when Jesus says, if possible, even the elect- he is saying the elect will be forewarned as we may be seeing now. I personally think he is.
25] Lo, I have told you beforehand.
There is no reason to not believe that this was not just said to the first and all christians but has another special meaning to this generation. It’s ok to see this as said specifically to us. We could be getting a lot of warnings and indicators for a reason.
God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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