What do you think about this?

I saw a post today wherein the apologist answered a question about singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus at Christmas mass. The apologist said that doing this was not allowed liturgically, which I can understand. But what about outside of mass?

Every summer I throw a party in June for the Feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist, which is traditional in many Catholic countries around the Mediterranean and I’ve brought it here to America. At the end of the evening I serve a special pastry which is known as a “St. John’s Cake”, because you only eat it on St. John’s birthday. I have our local parish priest give a short reflection on St. John the Baptist, and then I serve the cake with candles in it, and we all sing happy birthday to St. John. Is this somehow wrong?

Seems like a very nice and respectful thing to do. Apparently your local, parish priest agrees or he wouldn’t participate. Take care.

John the Baptist is humanly our brother. If you throw a party there would seem to be no reason to refrain from doing that if you wished to. It’s not a custom I’m familiar with or would practice but I think the priest was just letting you know it isn’t correct during a liturgical celebration. You could do it in your own home if you wished.

the apologist did answer your question, and suggested venues other than Mass where this could be done.

Thank you all!

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