what do you think about this?

Hello all,

Has anyone heard of, or does anyone believe that the “darkness is closing in?” That is a statement that was made to me by a devout Catholic that I am close to. So, I went looking around for some information on this. I, myself, do believe that the world is in a most terribly sinful state right now, but was not aware that there was a term for it. I found this link, which seems to be skeptical concerning the contents, but does explain a Marian message regarding the darkness. Can anyone help with my understanding of this? I guess I want to know if anyone else believes that the darkness is closing in, and is that what this website is speaking of.

The Three Days of Darkness is part of private revelation - not required for our belief or sanctity. If you do a forum search on it you should find threads discussing it.
JPII stated on many occasions we were in the end times, but we should never be afraid…


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