What do YOU think about Us Catholics and our veneration of Mary


The blessed Virgin Mary recieves Hyperdulia from the faithful. We give her the respect she deserves in the proper way


I don’t think it’s that they’re embarrassed. I think it’s much more likely that Catholic . com has a reputation for banning anybody who offers a dissenting view, even when it’s a sincere answer to a question asked by a Catholic, for “proselytizing” and “promoting doctrines contrary to Catholicism” and non-Catholics are just afraid to say what they think for fear of being banned.


From her father she is part of Honest David’s dynasty. She never takes worship of herself as it is but passes it on to God. This I have personally experienced.
A priest once said " there never was nor will that ever be a deeper live than that between Jesus Christ and Theotokos". This was like a blunt answer to the question why do we honour her and it sounded to me like the priest wanted to say “there is no question of even doubting oneself to answer this question in any more convincing way”. This is how I feel.
Why don’t the protestants question also the honouring of any other saints like the Apostles or any other? It always comes down to Mary. This makes me very sad.


It isn’t worship to venerate/honor Mary because veneration doesn’t entail worship. The once-for-all sacrifice being re-presented at the Mass isn’t Mary’s; it’s Christ’s. Usually, the only people who confuse veneration for worship are those whose faith traditions have abandoned Sacramental Worship and replaced it with all they have left: prayer and praise. Prayer and praise can indeed be part of worship, but they are not, in and of themselves, the defining characters of worship…and they are not the acts of worship that Christ commanded us to continue to offer at the last supper, nor the worship that God fortold in Malachi 1:11, nor the worship shown to us in Revelation…


Why do you feel that loving and honoring the Mother of Our Lord and Savior is worship? Do you love and honor your Mother? Do you worship her?


No, it is not, and you are wrong.

There is a reason why we always say, “Jesus, Have Mercy On Us” but say, “Holy Mary, Pray for us”.

Jesus is God. God and God Alone is the dispenser of mercy. We would not ask Mary to “have mercy on us” or to “forgive us our sins” or any number of other things we solely ask God.

We ask Mary to pray for us as the INTERCESSOR to God.

We pray to Mary to give us grace as the DISPENSER of God’s graces.

You sound like the average uninformed non-Catholic who sees people on their knees or lighting a candle and assumes all of that is always worship. It’s not.

And honestly, we have been over this same issue so many times, and there is so much about it on the Internet explaining the distinction, that I can only assume when someone starts up with this, that they are being willfully obtuse because they just don’t want to understand the truth.


Because it meets all the Biblical descriptions of worship.


Are you aware of what Latria Hyperdulia and Dulia are?


Don’t think so. We’re not offering sacrifices to Mary. When we do offer a sacrifice to God and involve Mary, we’re asking her to please take our offering to Her Son.



Sorry that you judge us guilty of idolatry. It is clear that you have been taught razor-thin, anti-Catholic theology. That, good sir, is a total shame.

Look up dulia, hyper-dulia and latria. Yes, there are differences and yes it is the Greek. I pray that your heart is open to both history and truth.

However, I must ask: By what authority do you judge the hearts of 1.5 billion fellow Christians, both Catholic and Orthodox?

Are they all, the greatest names in Christian history, 100% wrong, and you and your bible, 2000 years later, have it all right? That’s what Martin Luther convinced himself of - but you are not Lutheran!

Don’t you think there might be something else to all of this?


Who interprets your bible for you? Certainly, you do not claim that it self-interprets? That makes the bible a living, breathing thing. A god. To millions, this sounds like bible idolatry. Are you certain that you are not a bible idolater?

Just asking, because Fundamentalists and Evangelicals give what seems like worship to the bible. The Word of God is Jesus Christ, not the bible.

Read Matthew 12:36-37and ponder.


Yes, I am.

If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?


That does not even address my question. These are different forms of adoration and veneration used by the Church. We do not give Mary the same respect as God. Did you not read what I posted?


We worship God because it is right and just. God is worshipped because He is Almighty Creator and we are infinitely inferior creatures.

We venerate Mary because God willed that through her, His Son would be incarnate. Jesus = God. Mary = Mother of Jesus = Mother of God.

We venerate Mary because God raised her uniquely and specifically for our own salvation.

We venerate Mary because it is right and just.


I’m sorry you feel the Catholic Church and the Catholic schools that taught me did such a poor job in communicating Catholicism.

When did I judge anybody’s heart?


And the Biblical descriptions of worship are?


Actually, it addresses your question directly because it illustrates the fact that what you call a thing does not make a thing the thing you’re calling it.


Speaking as an ex Protestant I can think of a few things that non Catholics find objectionable to Catholics and their veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary…most ( not all) Protestants are Bible alone believers…they don’t see Mary as Catholics do but consider her veneration as a tradition made up by the Catholic church and not found in scripture…they see Catholics as being idol worshipers of Mary…they look at Catholic churches…Catholic festivals…Catholic statues…traditions… all celebrating the BVM…they hear Catholics talking about Mary as an intercessor or mediatrix…their Bible alone theology doesn’t allow for any worship but to God alone…and they believe that is what Catholics are not doing…they think we are worshiping Mary…and of course they see Catholics at Lourdes…Fatima…Catholic shrines etc…and many are weeping…on their knees…hands clasped together in prayer…and they say …look…Catholics do worship Mary…why aren’t they falling on their knees and worshiping Jesus instead of Mary…sadly much of it is misunderstanding on their part because of their Protestant theology…and some of it because of their dislike of the Catholic church


Fine. But FloridaAngler what I do not get is that when we say that we do not worship Mary as a god, and this is known throughout the Catholic world, you still claim that we do even though our worship of God is different from our veneration of Mary.

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