What do you think about when you pray?


The Rosary has it’s own mysteries to meditate on but what about other prayers?



When I do Divine Mercy Chaplet, I use each decade to meditate on crown of thorns; shoulder wound; pierced hands; pierced feet; wound in the side

I also have wandering mind syndrome, so unfortunately I also wind up thinking about the chores, the shopping list, my schedule for today, my schedule for tomorrow, the idiot who cut me off in traffic (teach me to forgive like You, Dear Jesus!)…
I’m working on it, though…


i’ve always meditated on the Sorrowful Mysteries with the DMC… also, with both the Rosary and the DMC I try to condense each mystery into a virtue, which I then petition for 10 times throughout the length of the decade.


I tend to read specific prayers so I focus on those.
For example, if I pray for sick people I think about all the sick people,if I pray for someone who died I think about all the things they have accomplished in their life, and if I pray to show God glory I just let my mind think about how great He is.


MANY MANY MANY things cross my mind: past, present and future. I just try to think of all that need prayers. I almost always am praying for somebody or something needed.


God’s overwhelming presence. More like I am trying to enter into such in a special way, so that I am not imagining and praying to a specific image I have in my mind but that actual God.

And how I’m going to find time to do everything


The holy spirit will give you visions and thoughts that pertain to the situation.

This is what doing prayer walks or praying for someone interesting. The revelation you received enlightened your understanding on effective prayer.


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