What do you think? Blasphemy?


The link you posted is a review of a music cd. What would be blasphemous about that?

Well, there was “Immaculate Collection” and “Immaculate Contracption”. Monty Python has their 3 religious-themed movies in a set called something like “The Holy Trinity”

The way I look at it, it’s not blasphemous – just a couple of puns. (By the way, the second one was “Immaculate Contraption,” not “contracption.”) But I could be wrong.

Puns? I don’t trust (secular) artists to be only making puns when their wordplay’s theme is religion. There is a reason popes have little trusted artists. If a devout Catholic called his/her album, the Immaculate Contraption, I might consider it risque, but not likely irreverent.

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