What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?


Just Thinking About Heaven And What It Would Be Like After Death And Then When We Get Our Bodies Back At The End Of Time. What Do You Think?


Hopefully without any Yankee fans :thumbsup:

I am a true Catholic Baseball fan. I only like the Cardinals and Padres.


A golf course of my own. Bass fishing at a nice pond that hasn’t been fished out. And a place where where there is no war, prejudice, sickness and death. But most importantly, Jesus is there for me. That will be heaven for me.


Besides Jesus & all the Saints… heaven for me would be miles & miles of shady running trails - no hills & a water station whenever I’m thristy. It’s always 65 degress & NOT windy. Ahhh… can’t wait!


I prefer not to speculate about what Heaven will be like since it will undoubtedly be WAY better than anything I could possibly imagine. I do hope there are sports though…


I have no idea, except that it will be incredible.


I think it looks like this: steliart.com/angelology_7_heavens.html keep in mind this is mostly made up from many religious texts, but she did an amazing job putting it together. It looks beautiful, especially the Seventh Heaven, and the First Heaven.


I just want to stay on my knees and stare at God forever. To be with Him, to see Him, and know there is no more suffering, for EVERY living organism.


Revelations chapter 21 and on.

Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.


A few years ago,Pope John Paul 2 made a statement about Heaven and the media managed to twist it as if he was saying
Heaven was a Spiritual existence,nothing like here on Earth.Our
curate,who is now a Parish Priest on the other side of the city, told us it is exactly the same as here,except there is no pain and sadness.


…complete happiness and understanding… outside of that, I don’t think any of us has a clue… but, i see nothing wrong with dreaming…:thumbsup:


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“Behold, I make all things new” (Revelation 21, 6). Past, present and future, all together. All my pets, all together. Existence without sin. “…so that God may be all in all” (1 Corinthians 15,28).


[quote=tkdnick]I prefer not to speculate about what Heaven will be like since it will undoubtedly be WAY better than anything I could possibly imagine. I do hope there are sports though…

I agree, though not necessarily about the sports. I can be perfectly happy without them.

I remember my mom telling me about someone she knew (or someone she knew who knew someone) who had a near-death experience and, supposedly, saw Heaven. She described it as a beautiful forest of pine trees, with a massive log cabin and music playing. I think, when she went into the cabin, she found angels and the souls of deceased friends/relatives having a great celebration at her arrival. Maybe I got details wrong, but that, I think, was the gist.
Of course, that may not have been the actual Heaven, for whatever reason. Maybe each person’s perception of Heaven is different. After all, our perceptions of perfect happiness vary.
Or maybe that isn’t necessarily the case. Maybe when we get to Heaven, we “spiritually mature” so that we no longer desire the things that pleased us on Earth, but are perfectly satisfied by the one, most important thing: being in the constant prescence of God.
Or, maybe both of those ideas are totally wrong, and Heaven is something none of us could possibly hope to imagine. That’s probably true. But it’s fun to speculate anyway. :slight_smile:


Kind of like Rivendell . . . "perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking best . . ."
But I think it will begin much like the places we are accustomed to, since everyone comes from a different kind of place. What would make me comfortable (maybe a log cabin in a forest?) might make a desert dweller very uncomfortable. Then as we move farther in, it may change, or we may change, as we come to understand more.


i can’t begin to imagine!!!


chocolate, chocolate, nothing but chocolate…

(Can you tell I’m on a big fast from chocolate these days?)


man…can’t imagine what it will be like…the most important thing would be that will get to be with jesus…that is probably the most important thing i look forward to when going to heaven…but, i have heard stories that once you go there you won’t want to come back…heard rumors of people dying and coming back…telling what heaven was like…honestly…i believe it is unimaginable…you have to see it…



Don’t forget, the Bible says there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth.

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