What do you think is acceptable clothing in public?

The question asks what it says on the tin.

There is some pretty heated discussion in another set of questions on who should do what if someone is wearing inappropriate/revealing clothes. So I decided it’s a good idea to ask what you consider decent clothing in the first place. What are your standards on public dress? What do you think is “modest” or decent for clothes in public?

The minimum should be that all privates are covered. I think different events/places mean a different dress code. I wouldn’t be shocked and would expect to see swimsuits at the beach or at my apartment’s pool. I would be shocked to see that at the grocery store, though. I think shorts should be longer than your butt. I don’t want to see bra. I don’t wear certain types of shirt out in public because I can’t go without a bra, I’m too well endowed. :blush: It is one thing to see bit of a strap, it is a whole other thing to see the sides and clasp of your bra. I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised to see women working out in a sports bra, though. Sports bras are appropriate for working out. See this is why saying such and such clothing isn’t acceptable. I believe there is a time and place for all types of clothing.

Well, since you are asking for opinions… :smiley:

Modest means…wear clothing that draws attention to one’s countenance, one’s face, smile, eyes. Clothing that draws attention to the body is not modest.

I wrote an article on modest dress (geared mostly to the ladies…but I’m not one-sided in my fraternal correction on the topic). :stuck_out_tongue:



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Well, this does cover it all !

something formal http://www.wassonartistry.com/images/armor/gothic/IMG_0104.JPG

The formal wear would be perfect for Sunday ! :thumbsup:

A bit too hot for the Southern States! :slight_smile:

Seriously, covering the crotch and the breasts, this applies to both sexes.

^^ LOL!! Yeah…that fits the bill I suppose. :rotfl:

Beach public, mall public or church public?

Oh my gosh :rotfl:

But I agree with KendraDZ1902 and ahs. First, I expect to see more of people at a pool than I do in a lecture hall or at the mall. Yet I still think even within swimwear there’s a difference between a barely-legal bikini and a less-revealing swimsuit. Pretty much, something is immodest if it’s drawing unnecessary attraction in a way that turns a dignified human being into nothing more than a collection of sexualized body parts.

This looks remarkably similar to my bathing suit.

In the USAF, we were told clothing had to be “clean, dry, and serviceable.”

I would say, any part of your body that can grow hair should be loosely covered with soft clothing that doesn’t stick when you sweat. Everything in between should be layered over with soft loose clothing that doesn’t give away your waist or bra size - or whether you are an “innie” or an “outie”. (Your belly should not show.)

So we should cover our arms and legs totally? Could you post picture(s) to kind of help us out because I have on a super big t-shirt that comes down to almost mid-thigh and you can tell I have boobs. I can’t hide them unless I tape them down. Oh, and they were given to me by God.

. Everything in between should be layered over with soft loose clothing that doesn’t give away your waist or bra size - or whether you are an “innie” or an “outie”. (Your belly should not show.)
So, every part of our bodies except the palms of our hands and soles of our feet should be covered??? :confused:

For some of us, gloves and socks would always have to be worn.:stuck_out_tongue:

This could include any clothes with logos/writing on them, bright/vibrant colors, and ugly Christmas sweaters :p, no matter how much or how little skin they show. Also, shirts such as those with pockets on the chest (PHOTO) or embroidered details could also be considered immodest.

And bringing back hats on men in public as well? (As opposed to, say, those ubiquitous satanic ballcaps.)

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