What do you think it means when people list their religion as "other" on Facebook?

I’ve just always wondered what this means. If you list your religion as “other,” I’m genuinely curious what you mean.

I have never seen this and you’d probably have to ask the individual in question, because there could be various reasons.

If they didn’t answer “Other (specify):______”, then it means “Don’t know/does not apply”.

It probably varies, but I think it means that they believe whatever they feel like.

Well, on Facebook you don’t have to list a religion at all (the religious views box simply wouldn’t even show up on your page). So I wonder why people would take the time to write “other.”

Well maybe that person had many beliefs. Like they mixed a bunch of different religions mixed together. That or they created their own religion, haha.

I can’t speak for all of them, but just based on the individuals I know who do such things, it typically means, “I believe in God, but I still live as though I don’t.” ;):D:p

well if you don’t know what religion i am, you sure don’t need to find out on facebook

I guess you will need to ask them

Maybe they are “Bobbists” They believe in “Bob”:shrug:

This isn’t by any chance a reference to Mr. Show, is it?

A lot of people choose not to state their religion and choose “other”. I find this to be true when looking at registration forms at the hospital. Doesn’t mean they don’t have a religion, it may mean they choose not to answer the question.

No but it is a reference to “A Prairie Home Companion” One episode they did a skit about two fictional religions “Bob-ism” and ‘Judy-ism’ Bob worships Bob and Judy worships Judy.:slight_smile:

If I were to list my religion as other it would probably be for one of these reasons in order of probability:

1)I did not feel as if any of the choices adequately described my religion

2)I thought that the “term” used for my religion carried too much baggage

3)I wanted to avoid the annoying advertisements on the side of the screen

4)I didn’t want to deny my religion, but I didn’t want to let everyone know my religion.

5)I wanted to draw attention to the fact that my religious views were incredibly unique.

Other people probably have their own motivations.

What is Facebook? ;), (ok I know what it is, but I am not a member).

To me “other” means “other”:smiley:

Several years ago my Son showed me that there was a religion called “Sith”…
…Yeah, like Star Wars - where people practice the Sith religion.
…Which is at odds with the Jedi religion.

My guess is that since FB is so PC they wouldn’t want to offend anyone that practices even a bs religion…
…And since they can’t list them all they just say other.

As I understand it, in the box for “Religious Views” you can put in whatever word you like. Meaning, you can put in “other” but you can also put in something such as “Jedi” or “Sith”, and then what Facebook does is search for other people with that “religion” and then makes it a “group” on Facebook. For example, inputing “Catholic” and “Roman Catholic” will link your “Religious Views” button to two different and distinct groups.

This means that people can make a “religious group” for just about anything. However, that doesn’t mean that the group they link to is, in fact, a recognized religious group. More than likely, that “Sith” religious group your son showed you was more or less a playful (albeit antagonistic) play on religion for teenagers who want to be fun and clever. I’ve seen friends who have such words as “Love” “Compassion” and “Life” as their “Religious Views”. As i said, they can put whatever they want, many people just choose to put “Other”, for whatever reason.

That makes sense. :slight_smile: May the Force be with you!

I think it means that if they have a religious belief, they want to keep it private to themselves and perhaps those closest to them… and not advertise it or have it out there for everyone to see.

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