What do you think Jesus would say to Christians when he comes back?


What would Jesus say?


He would not be happy with most of us - our lack of mercy that he has shown us - our refusal to take care of the poor - our worship of material goods - our lack of love for our neighbors and so on - we have all fallen short of the mark although there are truly good Christians who have made their life a sacrifice of service to others unselfishly.




From Scripture Luke 18:8 “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

I think he would say, “Where is your faith?”


“Could you not wait one hour with me?”


There is also a verse that says the nations will try to make war on the returned Christ…this I could definitely see happening!

The second coming will be the end of corrupt and evil secular powers, so it makes sense they would try anything they can to try and stop that!


Why did some of you not support more of a governmental role to care for the least among of you? Did you not know individual charity alone could only go so far in caring for the sick, the hungry, as populations and costs soared over time?


Not everyone who calls him Lord will be saved…read Matthew 21: v7…also Matthew 25: v 31 onwards…the last judgment…Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats


“Y’all done f-ed up.”

Not in so many words, but something to that effect.


Are these really the words you want to put in Jesus mouth - its insulting especially on this day.


Read the second sentence of my post.


“I never knew you.” :frowning:


Jesus of Nazareth, Nancy Pelosi’s best friend. Who’d a thunk it??


“I love you.”


Gonna steal from a parish priest’s homily, but “That’s not what that meant.”


To some Jesus is a socialist who would demand other people’s money in accordance with party politics.

They’d probably have him supporting secular public teacher unions and using politically correct gender pronouns as well.

No. He’d ask about being part of the church to spread the gospel, including helping your fellow man. Not whether you helped in the theft of other’s money through the state by party political ideologues.

I would suspect (as far as you could) that he would be happy that people time, effort and money was invested in the church to build the hospital systems, university and wider education systems which created western science, the defence of freedom which helped support capitalism, the canon law which was the basis for European law and the wide slew of charities which looked after the unfortunate and was the model for the world to follow, both Christian and non Christian.

I would suspect though that he would be sad that a collapse of faith led this Christian culture to be basically handed over to secular managers as to be seen fit under a humanised based ideology that acts as if it created and owns that culture.


I think he will say what is written in Matthew 25:31-46.

He will say to those of us (Christians in this case) that he was hungry and we fed him, thirsty and we gave him to drink. He was naked and we clothed him, sick and imprisoned and we visited him. That they will go to their eternal reward, eternal life.

Then, to those others, he will say he was hungry but we did not feed him, thirsty and we did not give him to drink. He will say he was naked and we didn’t clothe him, sick and imprisoned and we didn’t visit him. That they will go to their eternal reward, as well.


Yes, this ^! :thumbsup:




Jesus will say

Where is ANV?

See your other thread for the answer.

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