What do you think of Ann Coulters new book?

So now I’m the bad guy instead of Ann…

Alright, fine.

If you think teahers are not left of center as a group and if you feel they endevour to be fair and balanced in the class room, that’s fine too: that’s your life experience, it certainly isn’t mine or that of a lot of others.

But 90% of their union political money still goes to democrats, and the union is opposed to school choice, merit pay, and the dismissal of incompetent teachers.

I think teachers tend to be left of center as a group, but I also think that teachers tend to be capable of keeping their bias out of the classroom.

But 90% of their union political money still goes to democrats, and the union is opposed to school choice, merit pay, and the dismissal of incompetent teachers.

The union is opposed to a voucher system because it will still leave the struggling kids in the inner-city schools, and those schools will get less budget money. The struggling schools will get worse and worse.

Merit pay and the “dismissal of incompetent teachers” is more about protecting teachers from the random winds of malevolence that sometimes strike. I’ve seen great teachers become the victims of campaigns to get them fired simply because one parent just doesn’t like them, and manages to organize other parents the same way, even though the teacher has done nothing wrong.

Tenure is a necessary evil, and sometimes leads to very lazy teachers, but if you can come up with a way to protect good teachers from getting buffeted around on the winds of local politics, please tell me. You’ll still have lazy teachers, but you’ll also have teachers who just get fired because Mrs. So-and-so, head of the PTA, hates them.

Jesus was an “extremist”…

He said that it would be better to cut off your foot than allow it to cause you to sin… yet people these days seem to prefer to sin…

He said a lot of other things too…called people hyporcrites and vipers… :smiley:

(by the way, i am not saying people should literally cut off body parts… but they could at least cut up their TVs :smiley: )

I’ve ony read bits & pieces from her books… frankly that one book turned me off because of the cover more than anything… Why did she have to wear that skimpy black thing??? I mean, it doesn’t exactly make her look intellectual or anything…

You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I SHOULDN"t do a lot of things…

Yes, a bit caustic - but mostly right on the money.

I understand your point and what you would like all American High School students to be exposed to. However, instead of reading Treason, I would advocate that every student read Witness by Whittaker Chambers. Even if they only read the introduction. This is a primary text written by a man who actually experienced what he wrote about. It is also a very religious book.

I don’t think Coulter’s books are false. And well-read people can handle them. But, I do believe that she takes many on a ride that can only be described as a short circuit. And this increases the nastiness that is a part of our culture.

I read most of Slander, and all of Godless. I have thumbed through her latest book at the local book store and found it to be nothing more than a laundry list attack on the LIberal Media. Things I see on my own and I do not need her help in this area.

if people didn’t judge a book by its cover, why do publishing houses spend so much time designing a cover?

Well, someone didn’t do a good job on that one because it turned me off…

I just don’t understand why she had to wear that black thing… when she could have worn something more conservative looking, more in keeping with the subject of the book…

I sort of like Ann Coulter.
If she wasn’t so outrageous no one would listen to her-or buy as many of her books.I think folks are particularly upset at what she says because she’s a woman.Go figure.
I wouldn’t take everything she says seriously.There’s room for conservative outrageous remarks on the air waves.Goodness knows there’s plenty coming from the liberal side.
If everyone was non-offensive & politically correct to the extreme, life would be pretty boring.
Remember Jonathan Swift?

Why didn’t she wear something more conservative for her cover? She’s a hypocrite.

All the ills of society rest on the guilty shoulders of single mothers? Really? How about this, too many ills of our society victimize the poor–most single parents are women who live near the poverty line.

I guess the absent fathers of these children–you know the parent who has financially and psychologically abandoned his “get”–get a total pass.

No person who is able to think logically or rationally ever targets a single group with blame for the failings of the whole. That’s a fallacy. One thing about bigots, they get to assuage their own failings by tying them to the horns of the vulnerable.

I wonder if any of the proceeds from Ann’s book escape her bank account and make their way to social charities? You know, the kind that assist women and children.

As a single mom, I don’t take offence at Ann Coulter’s remarks.Only a woman can point out something obvious like the problems resulting from births out of wedlock & hold women a bit accountable, too without appearing to be a complete chauvinist.
Obviously it takes two genders to produce a child & men are to be held accountable for their responsibility.But come on, I run into single moms on a daily basis with multiple kids, no father(s) in sight,no plans for marriage & no plans to quit engaging in sex outside of marriage with resulting out of wedlock births.
These aren’t necessarily abused women, widowed or abandoned women, just women with serial boyfriends who don’t see a need for marriage & have bought into a lifestyle for which there’s no longer much social stigma attached.
Thank goodness they haven’t chosen abortion.
Kids are great & they reward you with love & give meaning to your life.But they need two parents.Sometimes that’s not possible & you do the best you can with God’s help, but it’s not the ideal.And should never be a chosen lifestyle.
OK, men who use women are to take their share of the blame. Absolutely.Don’t let them off the hook.Popular culture which sells sex through music & the media & targets young people shares the blame,too. But at what point do women say no thanks, I’m worth more than that?
Being a victim is fine up to a point and goodness knows women have been victimized, but being an adult woman who can choose a better course for her life is best & best for society. And for those women who can’t yet make that choice & are trapped by circumstance we need to offer assistance & compassion.

Well said: becoming a published author isn’t easy these days, and selling enough books to make a profit and get another book published is even harder.

Anyone who hasn’t read Swift has no standard by which to judge outrageous commentary. To address the poverty of Ireland and the problems it caused to the wealthy English, he put forth his ‘Modest Propsal’: “A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricasee, or a ragout.”

So you act a little outrageous and play up any assets you have. In Ann’s case, that includes her looks. The outrage over her book covers baffles me: they look like typical ‘little black dresses’ to me, and to dismiss her on that basis if you agree with her broader themes is to ‘make the perfect the enemy of the good’.

you’re probably right… though i haven’t read any of her books so can’t say…

all i know is that women are not single mothers by choice, usually… and their lives are hard enough as it is without her acting like they are the cause of every evil in the country… as you seem to imply A coulter does…that’s irresponsible and cold and… well, evil…

at least those women didn’t murder their children… (or at least not all of them… :frowning: ) Doesn’t she give them credit for THAT???

Yes she does: she is very pro-life.

Since we are bring up logic and fallacy, what precisely and exactly is her argument?

I gotta admit I like Ann Coulter. Is her style for everyone? No way. However, she does not say the things she says while claiming to be unbiased, She admits she has a point of view, and she says she loves to enrage liberals (That’s also why she wears the little black dresses) I think she’s very funny, and her points are great. I have won many an argument by following her line of reason (while admittedly explaining it far more gently) That being said, I don’t think she should change her tone. She’s a shock jock - that’s how she sells books, and there’s nothing wrong with reading them. She also draws attention to issues that get ignored.

Actually she does give them credit for that. She is staunchly pro-life, and in that chapter of her book she advocates strongly for adoption. And she says single motherHOOD is a social problem, not so much single mothers. That’s an important distinction. She is not really attacking the moms at all, rather the tendency of the media and some others (they’re all laid out in the book) to lionize them. And yes, especially among high school and college girls, there is a disturbing trend to decide to have kids on their own. I know some of these women. It all comes down to the lack of emphasis, if outright attacks on, the family in this country.

Also, when she went on The View, she talked about the fathers. She doesn’t really talk about them in her book, because they are not considered victims. It’s in the subtitle of the book! “Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America”. Besides, in the very next chapter, she does talk about absentee fathers, and has written a lot about them in the past. She doesn’t give them a pass - she just can’t reiterate every point she’s ever made in every book she writes.

She wants women to take responsibility for their choices, and make the right choice before having sex, and if they make mistakes, to give their children a better chance by giving them up for adoption if they can’t raise them. She acknowledges some women can raise them. Those aren’t the ones she’s talking about. Maybe it is harsh. The consequences of bad decisions are harsh. That’s the whole point. People could help these women out, except with the whole victim thing (the point of the book), society is telling them they haven’t done anything wrong, and it’s almost more attractive to have victim status than try and fix your life.

Read the book, ignore the rhetoric (or enjoy the humor on its own) and look at her arguments, I think you’ll find a lot of substance.

I agree.Constantly portraying women as victims is patronizing.Take care of the true victims & move forward and take responsibility.

at the risk of sounding like a liberal… i feel that all of society is to blame… Ever since the 60-s we’ve had this attitude that fornication is no big deal… TV definitely puts that msg across… which is why i don’t watch it… The birth control pill really did a # on people… its like they thought: “Cool… free sex… no responsibility…”
It’s that same old mentality of ME, ME, ME… and i shouldn’t have to pay for anything in any way…

Where did this originate… Well… the devil… but also… through rejection of the Original Church… which, as everyone knows, is the only human institution (also divine) that comes out against birth control (artifical).

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