What do you think of climate change?

think of the issue this way, would you as a parent let your young kid play unsupervised w/ a loaded fire arm or perhaps a surgical scalpel, so that they could learn on their own that these tools can be deadly???

in this case parents are the experts preventing their kids from making fatal learning mistakes!

what I’ve come to realize in this thread is few if any have the necessary formal hard science education, a practical technical back ground, etc. to grasp the various cause and effect(s) WRT the markets, climate change, etc.

for example last month when oil was negatively priced I’m 99.99% certain users of CAF have no idea why this happened nor understand why this isn’t a good sign for the future,…

so rather that try to explain why people should be worried about why stuff like oil being negatively priced is a very worrying knock of effect, have been playing around w/ various images that can be used to view a topic like the pandemic the economy and climate change and hopefully give people who do not have the benefit of a science back ground a rough idea of a relative size of the problems

I can understand your reasoning, but, in this day and age, the pictures seem to become stand ins for the data and knowledge necessary for informed decision making. I wonder if, instead of persuading those who lack information, they might just be discarded as memes, standing in for information.
Ultimately, I’m not sure that they will serve your purpose or create a better informed populace.

I think were screwed. We can’t get people to wear a mask, how can we tackle climate change.

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pictures are necessary because most people are too lazy and/or dumb to actually do the hard work of fact checking details,… for example in another CAF thread that touches upon the topic of climate change

bottom line,…

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I like your posts.

at times, I do crack my self up

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phaster . . .

TIME Magazine Cover Did Not Predict a Coming Ice Age

I was there. They taught the new ice age to us when we were high school kids.

I saw it first hand.

You can quibble about a given cover of a given magazine, but it was taught and supported.

we all had different educational experiences growing up

the point I am trying to make is,… the scientific false hoods being spread about climate change by political pundits, is akin to saying “Christmas is ONLY about parties and shopping for consumer goods” (and we wouldn’t want that kind of lie to be spread would we?!)

Y2K, AGW, CV19 - are prime examples of how cattle get steered into corrals of AntiChristians

via instilling Fear…

Moral - Be Not Afraid

I’ve been poking around on Judith Curry’s blog, especially this: “Culturally-determined response to climate change.” It’s quite entertaining, especially in section 3: A search for Rationality. Apparently there isn’t much to be found.

If we needed another hint that it is not rationality driving affirmative responses to ‘The climate is changing and human activity is mainly responsible’, this is it.

Also, section 4 had some intriguing observations as well:

Similarly to children, another sub-demographic within irreligious nations at the LHS of Chart 1 where core belief in CCCC prospers more than in the general population, is the elite…The easy acceptance of Greta/CSW by secular elites is not a coincidence.

Yet in countries where religion has long atrophied over generations, newer culture can more easily muscle into elite layers via the provision of high-moral-ground plus emotive persuasion. Subconsciously, the latter features are extremely desirable as shortcuts for promoting / extending an elite profile (see SI Footnote 3), when exhausted religion no longer supplies this service.

Apparently policies that have high virtue signalling aspects do well among the irreligious elites. Is this accurate? Not for me to say, but, as I said, the observations are interesting.

Here we come to what seems to me the crux of the matter. As with evolution, it’s not the science that is the issue. It’s faith.

You’re presuming Darwinism is True? Blind Faith?

There are plenty of evolution vs creationism threads in the Philosophy forum. We don’t need to hijack a climate change thread to discuss evolution.

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Speaking of hi-jacking - You should have “complained” to StudentMI: – but you didn’t :smile:

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I feel left out. :grin:

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We only need 2/3 of people to wear a mask, which many areas are accomplishing.

Some areas may require an uptick in cases before they ‘get it’ and change their ways.

The Corona Alarmism stole all the Alarmism from the Climate-ites.

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domestic right wing politicians, pundits and partisans push that narrative

looking at the big international picture, polls on the issue indicate other wise

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