What do you think of climate change?

sigh,… déjà vu,… the predicted ice age consensus forecast in the 1970s (and other climate change myths) are political fairy tales w/ no scientific basis


its not only here,… too often far too few have the courage and intellect to honestly look at the issue of climate change as a variation of sherlock holmes deductive reasoning

in other words “…Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the [UNNERVING SCIENTIFIC] truth,…” where humanity is headed

sadly the simple truth is published studies show the general public does not know much actual science


basically because

looked at another way

and 99.999% certain human PRIDE is a big reason why (i.e. excessive belief in one’s own abilities)


bottom line given human nature AND the a dislike of the [UNNERVING SCIENTIFIC] truth,… precious time is too often wasted on trivial matters such as you mentioned instead of seriously pondering the big picture


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