What do you think of during the Eucharist?


Recently I’ve been pumped more and more, feeling drawn to receive the Eucharist. I got confirmed tonight. I felt that I was struggling with silly things popping into my head (probably just part of worrying about not sinning before the events, especially the Eucharist).

I got to the praying over the bread and wine, and the transubstiaton and I believed that it really became Jesus, but I was confused on how to understand that and what way to grasp it.

I ate and drank, but I was wanting to do it with my mind focused on what I was doing, however I was preoccupied with the order of things and stuff (where to go) and my mind went blank as I did it.

Everything is fine right? I just remember telling myself “eat”/“drink” in my head. Lol I hope I didn’t do something wrong.


I think what you did is just fine. I do not remember what it was like for me to receive my first time, but I’m sure the Lord understands!


I usually don’t think of anything much when I receive Jesus. It isn’t until after I receive him that I am able to concentrate and pray silently. I usually offer up any intentions I have or if others have asked for me to pray for them. I also offer prayers of thanksgiving for having the ability to receive the Eucharist, too!


Welcome home!!!

I was confirmed two years ago. I remember being afraid I’d do something wrong and offend Jesus. When the time came for me to go forward and receive, all I felt was love. I still feel that love. I think about how much He loves me and how much I love Him. After receiving, as I return to my place and kneel a warm rush comes over my body. I kneel and try not to think of anything. After a min or two I pray.

God bless you on your journey.


Thank you Lord; for dying for me.


My thoughts are different but lots of times I am so thankful I am a Catholic. My mother’s school teacher brought my Grandmother into the Catholic Faith or who knows where I would be today. I am so thankful to be able to receive Our Lord every day.God Bless, Memaw


Well, you’re in good company. :slight_smile: I don’t think the apostles knew what Jesus was doing either when they were at table with Him. I’m sure it was still valid for them!!! (And it is still a great mystery for all of us. )

When I am walking up to receive Him, I say an act of contrition. Then, when I see Him in the priest’s hand, I think, “My Lord and my God!” Then, when I return to my seat, I simply say “Thank you”, and enjoy my time with Him.





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