What do you think of Joshua Mills?


Hello everyone,

A little backstory:  I am a catholic, I have grown up catholic, attended church every sunday growing up. Im 27 years old and to this day, even though I do not attend church as much as I should, I still am catholic.

Anyways, my boyfriend of 3 years is christian, he attends a christian non-denominational church. I have been several times with him, I know the christian church is good and all since they are praising God, but I do not like the fact that the pastor and his wife drive very nice cars… have a big home… etc. I feel
that money that is donated to their church could be used for feeding the hungry, helping the poor as it is in the catholic church. You dont see priest driving around in fancy cars.
Anyways, this week he wants to go see this guy named Joshua Mills he is a prohet preacher. I had never heard of him but apparently he is a prophet and a pretty big deal in his church. My boyfriend has told me about other times Joshua Mills has came to preach at his church that there would be literally gold flakes will be falling from the ceiling, my boyfriend said he has seen this first hand. Being catholic, I tried looking up online about this Joshua Mills guy, and see what the gold falling from the ceiling is about, and I have seen lots of articles of him being an “illusionists” and false god, using gold glitter to prey on church followers so they feel like they have witnessed a miracle. I don’t know what to think? Do you think I should go?


What the what?? :thinking:

This sounds very iffy to me. I haven’t looked him up and I know nothing about him, but personally, I’d skip it. I’m sure it is all illusion and trickery. The Holy Spirit doesn’t need tricks like gold glitter.

More importantly, can I encourage you to come back to Mass and to Reconciliation? You know the Church is always here waiting for you with open arms. We miss you. We have the Real Presence, which is better than any illusion.


“Can I get that 10% now ?” He asks

Grab a few gold flakes & take em to a pawn shop
Sounds like the “prosperity Gospel” approach, very unCatholic


Two things,

Beware of false prophets, said Jesus.

Miracles are to the Glory of God and aide mankind. Miracles do not create instant gratification or false wealth.


“Leap of Faith” with Steve Martin and Debra Winger comes to mind.


Thank you for replying.
You are right, I am not interested in going and when I try to tell my boyfriend this, he says I’m trying to get out of going to church or that the devil is telling me not to go. Or that I dont believe in God because I dont wanna go. But, after looking up this guy I feel its trickery as you have stated and illusions. But, my boyfriends church really is big about this guy and he really wants me to go. Even though I really dont feel comfortable going.

I do go to my church once in a while, not as much as I would like. I do stop in (by myself) to the chapel and pray during the week. Also, I still do confession regulary.


You are right. I do believe this. Especially after reading about this guy. Anyways, I told my boyfriend how I feel about this that I do not wanna go. He is saying that I dont believe in God or the devil is telling me not to go, things like that. So, I will probaly be stuck going.


I don’t know the details of the situation between you and your boyfriend, so I can’t give you advice. I can tell you what I would advise my own daughter. If her boyfriend made similar statements I would advise her to kick him to the curb and move on.


I’m really glad to hear it.

I know this wasn’t the point of your question, but where do you see your relationship with your boyfriend going? He is already trying to make you do things you’re uncomfortable about and insulting you by saying the devil is leading you astray.

Is he helping or hindering you in your Catholic faith? Does he respect it? Because from what you’ve said, he appears not to.

If you ever get married, would he be comfortable raising your children as Catholics? Mixed-faith marriages are really hard. Not imposssible–many on here do it successfully. But it makes it a lot harder than if you shared the same faith. You should pray very, very hard about continuing your relationship with him. I’d recommend you talk to your priest about it.

The way he is pressuring you to go to this Joshua Mills event is not a sign of healthy relationship with mutual respect. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I want to give you a heads up. He should not be making you feel evil for not wanting to go. He is really in the wrong here.


Yes, this. I didn’t want to be too harsh, but I feel this way, too. You deserve someone better. You don’t have to be stuck with this guy. No one can make you stay with him or make you go to an event that you don’t want to. He’s trying to make you do something against your conscience. That’s not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.


I googled “Joshua Mills” and got his webpage which starts off:

Joshua Mills is an internationally recognized ordained minister of the gospel,

translate: Some Protestant preacher not endorsed by the Pope…alarm bells start ringing in my head

recording artist, keynote conference speaker, best-selling author

my reaction: Oh, puh-leeze. Does he also slice, dice and make Julienne fries?

and visionary who worships and preaches by standing within the cloud and ministering directly from the glory unto the people.


If your boyfriend insists on chasing after this guy, it’s time for you to find a new boyfriend.


Well, everyone’s got to make a living somehow. Seems like Mills is in the entertainment industry.

@lolashy if he tells you that you’re not going because you want to skip out on worship services, just tell him you have to go to Mass instead. And then go.


People have hit the religious side of this well, I want to comment on the fact that you are feeling in the slightest bit coerced into this.

The secret of any successful relationship is one where each person has complete free will and one is not coercing the other into anything. Any use of power or threat to make a person do something with which they are not comfortable is alarming.

Some of things he is saying to you, that you don’t believe in God because of these things INCLUDING the fact that he thinks God showers people with gold…really raises my alarms. If nothing else, he should love and respect you enough to know that you do know and love God, but do not feel comfortable with this and it’s not a failure on your part, it’s just what you are comfortable with and what you are not.


While some denominations do provide housing and cars for their ministers none of them seem to have ‘gold’ falling from above. This would be paramount to animals, tradesmen and sellers in the temple. The LORD didn’t like them much, did He?
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get into the church early and look to see where they have rigged up the ‘gold’ to fall or hide a camera? I am not telling anyone to do this because it might actually be dangerous. However, someone in your local TV station may be willing to ‘debunk’ the guy safely.


“All that Glitters is not Gold.”


This. A thousand times, this.


The priests where I live do. And sports cars, at that. The Mercedes and BMW strain.


Diocese Priests do not take a vow of poverty, they are free to spend their income on cars if they choose. Often car dealers in the parish will gift priests will nice cars.


I have to say, they seem like the exception rather than the rule. The priests I know drive something like an Impala.


I suppose you don’t feel like you can show those websites to your boyfriend? I guess they would just be “the devil’s work”. What if you told him that, actually, you think this Joshua Mills is doing the devil’s work? :joy:

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