What do you think of Latin Mass magazine?

I was given a gift subscription 2 years ago. I renewed last year and also gave a complimentary gift subscription to someone on these forums as part of the renewal “promo”.

I just got another renewal notice and again, if I renew, they will also send a complimentary gift subscription to anyone I choose.

Fine, but. I find the LMM too “theoretical” and too focused on stories about folks from the Middle Ages and up to the Reformation. The news section has dwindled to nothing and there are few if any features on Latin Mass comunities or outreaches today. To be blunt, the magazine bores me now.

Basically I read only about 20% of each issue - at best…

So why should I renew? I e-mailed them 6 months ago saying they were losing me. No reply. I might renew one more time but this magazine seems, for me anyway, to have no punch. I can’t relate to anything in it. Should I renew simply to give someone a free subscription or should I take stand and tell the LMM by not renewing that they are not doing a good job?

Your thoughts?

My family reads the Latin Mass magazine from cover to cover. We love it.:thumbsup:

First of all, IF you renew I would love to get the “complimentary” subscription. :slight_smile:

I dont have a subscription but from the “freebies” I have read on their web page they are pretty solid and are not afraid to speak their mind. That being said, there is only so much any magazine can say before they run out of ideas. And not to sound too bad, but it is kind of ironic when a conservative group is fueled by subscriptions (ie Latin Mass and Magazine dont belong in the same sentence ;)).

I think it is nice of you to want to renew to take advantage of the gift subscription; even though you aren’t liking the magazine anymore. I don’t know if I would be that nice :o

With the motu proprio set to be published on July 7th, I imagine the magazine will have more news to cover in the coming year.

I am an enthusiastic fan of Latin Mass magazine. I love reading about the history, culture, saints, etc. of the Church, and all the stuff that was sent down the memory hole after VII.:thumbsup:

Fine, but. I find the LMM too “theoretical” and too focused on stories about folks from the Middle Ages and up to the Reformation. The news section has dwindled to nothing and there are few if any features on Latin Mass comunities or outreaches today. To be blunt, the magazine bores me now.

I totaly agree with you. I used to enjoy the Latin Mass Magazine more than I do now. However, the editor just resigned so things may change for the better in that regard when they get a new editor.

Yes. it was better. What is lacking is a good current news section and features on Latin mass communities/outreach around the world.

The editor resigned for oither reasons I beleive than the content of the magazine so i don’t think that will necessarily make a difference.

The magazine business is touch and one wants to support kindred magazine but when you are readin less than 20% and ususally just 10% of a magazine something is not connecting.

I posted an OP on this some time ago. In the Spring 2007 issue Fr. McLucas announced his resignation because his canonical status was in limbo and he felt he needed a break from editting in order to reestablish full communion with his bishop/Rome. He did stress, however, that it was necessary to get an Apostolic Administration for the full restoration of the ancient Mass. This was while the MP was still in the rumor stage.

It distresses me that he was out of communion with Rome for several years before they thought it was a problem.

Here is the link for the thread.

That’s exactly why I let my subscription lapse. I don’t see the need to renew your subscription just because you could send a free copy to someone else. I would let the editors know that you are unhappy with the current direction, and that is why you aren’t renewing. I do remember some years ago that they mentioned in an editorial that they were changing their focus somewhat. I don’t really think it was for the better. :mad:

I just paid for a 2 year subscription. I’ve enjoyed the magazine, personally.

They had a real neat article about Alfred Hitchcock a few years ago and how his Catholic faith showed up in his works. If you have a subscription to it; you should be able to access the article on the website’s archieves.

I had some problems with some articles I have read that have nothing to do with the TLM.

In the last “free” issue, there was a piece ripping on the American participation in WWI. Woodrow Wilson was “a meddling Mason who stretched out the war another year, causing an unjust punishment on Germany, which led to the rise of the Nazis and Communists”.


If the Russians had not withdrawn and the Germans had not been defeated in WWI, Poland would not have re-emerged as a nation. Poland defeated an invading Soviet Army in 1921 - “the miracle of the Vistula”.

Wilson isn’t one of my favorite Presidents but he wanted Poland reestablished.

Shame on the Latin Mass Magazine for that lousy piece.

Another piece, some years ago, was critical of American support of Israel and wanted to reach an “accommodation” with Islam.

More BS. Pat Buchanan must have written it.

For a magazine that cares about Catholic history, they forgot about Queen Isabella and La Reconquista, the Battle of Lepanto and the Battle of Vienna, among others.

Sometimes, the Latin Mass Magazine, which has some good articles, thinks they are the only true Catholics in existence.

My school has a subscription to the magazine. Although I haven’t read each issue cover to cover, I have picked the maganize up on many occassions and read through the articles. I’ve found many of the articles on the Liturgy itself to be rather good (if perhaps repetetive by now). I do wish, however, as others have mentioend, there were a greater news section. I think interviews and other different formats would improve the quality of the maganize overall.

That’s all we need to know.

Does anyone know when te next issue is due to be released? I subscribed at the beginning of June and I haven’t received an issue yet. I know it’s only 5 per year, but have any of you subscribers received an issue since June 1?

My point is, and I reiterate, that the meddling Mason Wilson favored the re-establishment of the Polish nation. Many did not, including Great Britain. Being of Polish descent, I am grateful, as are a sufficient number of Polish people who have named a town square in Warsaw after Wilson.

Perhaps the Latin Mass Magazine doesn’t consider Poland to be “Catholic” enough.

QUESTION. Can one be pro-Polish, and detest the role Germany played in WWI, and still question whether the US needed to be in that war?

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