What do you think of Latin Mass magazine?

My point is, and I reiterate, that the meddling Mason Wilson favored the re-establishment of the Polish nation.

The Masons have done wonderful things but so has the devil in many ways. The larger picture that should be obvious is that wherever Masons take control, the Catholic Church cannot support it. Masonry is flat-out anti-Pope and therefore anti-Catholic.

As far as I know Wilson wasn’t a Mason, although his League of Nations was definitely a Masonic project.

I’ve had pretty much the exact same reaction. I used to love the LMM and would read it the first day it came. Now, they sit there for months before I read them. Diane Moczar’s history pieces are the only things I truly enjoy in the LMM nowadays (they are really good).

Hey don’t forget the Siege of Malta by the Turks in 1565, the 'Last Battle of the Crusades". Can you imagine the trouble that would have been to have a Muslim naval base off of Italy for the last 400 years :eek:

I haven’t received my free issue yet. It has been about 2 months.

For those who think the US should have stayed out of WWI, I won’t be able to convince you that the US should not have participated.

Had France not pushed such terrible terms upon Germany, perhaps the Nazis would never have come to power. We will never know.

The Polish nation would not have been reborn without the defeat of Tsarist Russia and Germany. For that I am grateful.

I left them a few years ago because of the change of focus. It seemed like almost half of the magazine was devoted to home schooling (which is great), but my kids are all grown. Just got a free issue cause they want people to come back. :shrug:

I love Latin Mass Magazine, started subscribing last August and I am so happy I did. I read every article.

If they could add a news section, that would just be icing on the cake for me.

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