What do you think of my apoligetics?

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[quote=freesoulhope]Mary, and original sin.

From my understanding.
Adam and eve where perfect and with out sin. However, this did not stop them from commiting Sin, nor did it stop a third of the angels from fallen from heaven. Mary was born in the same state as Eve before Eve sinned. Mary was perfectly full of grace, being born with out the stain of are first parents, because no sin can be before God. This doesnt neccerary mean that she was incapable of sinning, but through the grace and love of god she didn’t,.

Eve helped to bring deaf in to the world, so i guess it would be fitting for mary to bring life in to this world “jesus Christ”. There for God made made her full of grace, she was born with out the stain of original sin. ( The stains of are first parents is not the same as commiting sin, even though we share the same fallen state). The idea that this is unfair, is not true. To think that it is, is to fall under the illusion of the devil. We have life through jesus Christ, God wants us to love him through Christ are lord. We can only be with God if we love him, we have to freely choose. Gods love for us covers are sins. Mary loved God, and allthough she was full of grace, she made a “choice” to love God. She was not a robot programed to do Gods errens. God made us with free will and free thought.

Adam and eve chose not to love God, they disobeyed him, unfortunatly the human race where in the reproductive care of adam and eve. There for we share in thier sin, not willingly by choice, but by inheritence of adam and eves fallen state. But That doesnt stop us from being with god, we have to freely choose whether we want God in are lives or not, rather then him forcing his will upon us.

Thats the mercy of God, and hell is to be with out him, since the gifts of happyness and joy and love are from God, and out outside of him these things Dont exist. The only thing that exists is God because he is “existence” he is ultimate reality. He is the limits, but he him self is not bound by any limits. Any thing else, is the things that he creates.

Original sin only effects us because we allow it to. Yes we are born with a horrid stain, but god wants us to be cleaned through jesus, because thats his will. Thats how he wants us to come back to him, through the love of jesus Christ. thats why he is called the “son of God” because “jesus” is who the father wants us to be like. Jesus is the model son.

As for sin, we commit sin because we want to sin. Being born with the sin of your parents and commiting sin is two different things. To be born with out grace, is to be born dead. Sin is death, to be born with sin, is to be born in to death. Jesus is life, in him we survive. When we commit sin, we choose not to be with God. But you can Choose to be with him through Christ and his church, the holy Roman Catholic Church, founded on Peter the rock.

What do you mean sin is deaf? You mean sin can’t hear?? What does that mean??

Also we who are baptised are no longer subject to original sin as baptism removes both original sin and personal sin. If we sin after baptism then personal sin is removed through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

You said the “only thing that exists is God”. Do you mean we do not exist?

Although you say some things which are true, your whole post is a bit rambling and confusing to read.

i see, point taken, i should have sent it privatly, how do i remove it so nobody else falls victim to my ignorance?

[quote=freesoulhope]i see, point taken, i should have sent it privatly, how do i remove it so nobody else falls victim to my ignorance?

I don’t think you can remove it. Anyway could you at least answer the questions I asked so that it will help me to understand a bit more what you want to say?

[quote=thistle]What do you mean sin is deaf? You mean sin .

I ment, like when sombody dies, we are born dead in spirit, we are with out god. i thought that that was what it ment to be born with sin.

[quote=thistle]What do you mean sin is deaf? You mean sin can’t hear?? What does that mean??..

I think that he means “death”

[quote=steveandersen]I think that he means “death”

Oh. Okay. I guess his spelling is not so good.

Moderators do not generally review stuff like this, but you can count on the folks on this forum to help you refine your apologetics skills. God bless!

[quote=thistle]Oh. Okay. I guess his spelling is not so good.

Actually, that’s one thing that I would suggest that the poster work on. Poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation all have the effect of devaluing your arguments: if you don’t care enough to check your spelling, why would anyone assume you’ve done the much harder work of checking your facts, history, etc? A poorly written piece tends to reflect very badly on the writer’s intelligence, or at the very least his diligence. The one exception would be the person who is relatively unfamiliar with English—people will cut that person some slack.

[quote=freesoulhope]moooooooooooooo :o :frowning:

Well, as Sherlock said, spelling and grammar are very important when trying to convey your thoughts accurately in written form.

So, start with “apologetics”. :o

One of the best ways to do that is by reading as much as you can, taking the time to look up words that you either don’t know or don’t understand the exact meaning of. This will also help make sure you *do *have your facts and history right. :yup:

Peace to you,

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