What do you think of Radiohead's new album?

Like it? Love it? What are your favourite songs from it? :)

For me, it's a mid-level Radiohead release. It's not as good as the albums in their trifecta (The Bends, OKC, Kid A), but there are certainly some transcendent moments. Thom's voice still shines on songs like "Bloom" and "Lotus Flower." I would have to say that "Lotus" is my favorite. I like the album. It's aurally pleasant, but I can't say that I love it in the ways that I do The Bends, OKC, Kid A, and most of Amnesiac. HTTT and TKOL have both had a few songs and parts of songs that like and even love, but I can't get into them in the ways that I did with some of the earlier albums. I mean songs like Street Spirit, How to Disappear Completely, Paranoid Android, Motion Picture Soundtrack, etc. are on some other level. I still think they're some of the absolute most talented guys in the industry. I loved seeing them live in 2008.

Love the new album! Standout tracks for me are Lotus Flower and Codex. This album feels like to In Rainbows (one of my favourite RH albums) what Amnesiac was to Kid A - a kind of follow up.

Check out this video of Radiohead's From the Basement performance - it's great. Most of the songs from TKOL plus a couple of others.


I like TKOL now more than I did at first. It's grown on me a lot. I find it infectious and relaxing, and it's weird but not creepy.

I won't pick tracks because I think the album coheres really well as a whole.

Great, as always! :smiley:

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