What do you think of the forum redesign?


I am a bit in shock. What are your views on the new forum look?

New Forum...ideas

I hate my private messages got erased.


I really prefer the old look, but it’ll just take some time to adjust.

Wait! They don’t have the same emojis anymore? I really liked those a lot.

…well. That changes things.


It seems alright, will take some time to get used to. Hello every one after the 3 days of darkness! :grinning:


It has to go.

It’s cluttered and confusing, and hard to follow.

It must go.

I hope this is only temporary, say, a transitory theme.


It also just lost my latest thread before the update. Kinda wish I had that, it was for a research paper. Not that I’d really be able to use any of it, but I wanted to get some outside info on it.

I do like that it is easier to find your own threads and such. I found it a little challenging to navigate when I first joined.

Still would like my emojis back, though :(. I liked how they were different than the ones are now.

I’ll just have to steal from other forums. I really want to find that eye roll emoji though, that was my favorite.


I know that we received a warning to save previous messages in case they might get deleted. I (foolishly) took that as the equivalent of “don’t forget to back up your floppy disks back in the 1980’s.” I never did back up floppies, and everything was fine. Well, I lost 95% of my threads. My fault, ok, I know. But I didn’t expect it to be this bad…


Horrible! Will probably never post here.


Post count got halved. But it looks like post count means nothing here anyway. Easy enough to navigate, but I seriously have found another forum I like a lot, so I might not be around much anymore anyway. Too early to say if I like the new format really. :upside_down_face:


I’m going with my gut. It’s not intuitive; doesn’t have that at-a-glance feel the previous format had. I don’t feel as engaged.


I guess my first question is what was wrong with the old software and how is this software supposed to be an improvement? I’m not aware of problems with the old version and definitely don’t see an improvement with this one.


Is the redesign of the forum 100% complete? Because I really don’t like the new look of the forum unfortunately.


It feels blank and sterile. It’s a bit techy, but I feel that many of our older users might feel alienated by this futuristic design. I can’t find the rest of the categories of the old forum, nor can I search for other users (yet). I hope these bugs get fixed soon.

By the way, this poster is still CatholicWhovian. It’s just that I can’t change my password because I can’t access my old Yahoo! Mail account and I had to use my Gmail to make a new account. I can’t find the “visitor center” of the forum (Is that what’s it’s called? I can’t remember anymore…). :sob:

P.S. I don’t like the emojis either. I believe that they borrowed the forum engine thing from somewhere else.


I just joined and it seems easier to navigate than before. Although their used to be more user info in the posts, like what religion/denomination you are.


Good questions. Why was it changed?


Are the topics arranged merely chronologically rather than according to topic? If so, I don’t like that very much.


Wow yes you can’t see that now!


On second thought, it doesn’t seem as clean as I thought…


Not really liking the new site. I don’t know if it is my age, or whether it is just truly ugly looking, lol!

It seems like more work to find threads and I haven’t even found the emojis yet. So I am way behind everyone.


its awful , looks very poor in design, i dont feel comfortable posting on here sorry ,

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