What do you think of the forum redesign?


This is brilliantly said.


The truly wonderful moderators – and the rules of the forum – are what I miss most of all.


What are you trying to find? Perhaps I can help.


Hello @Yeoman, what do you not like about the design?


I thought the prior platform much easier to navigate. This one tends to come up as a mass of recent topics and you have to work to find the categories. I also do not like the appearance of this one, which as insignificant as it may seem, simply isn’t visually pleasing.

Additionally, and while this is something that people who are real techies may tend not to appreciate, there’s no obvious increased performance of this platform of any kind. So, that being the case, and the prior platform being very good, and very easy to use, what’s the point of the change? People come here to explore topics, not to admire the the technological platform, so any platform that isn’t simply functional is a mere distraction and a detraction.

If possible, I’d reload the old platform and dump this one.


Could you give an example of a destination that is now more difficult to navigate to?

Recent topics are generally of most interest to users. The categories are now more prominent and easier to access: they’re in the top bar. What additional work is necessary?:

This seems to be a subjective taste. We’ve also added a couple alternative themes which you can apply via the menu at the top right. We’ve had a few complaints about the whitespace, however, the use of whitespace in this design incorporates some best practices in UI design for clarity and progressive enhancement. We had many complaints that the old design was convoluted.

I have to disagree. The new site runs mostly as a Single Page Application with faster load times.

Most importantly, from an administrative and maintenance perspective, the old site was simply broken. I’ve posted a few points in that regard here.

Thanks for your feedback. If you can provide specifics regarding the difficulty you’re finding in navigating the site I may be able to offer further help or make adjustments if needed.


The first unread post in a thread.


I can’t find a list of posts by a certain member so I can follow another thread that was not linked.


When you click into a thread it automatically jumps you to the first unread post and briefly highlights it. Additionally, when viewing a list of threads, updates to a given thread are highlighted in realtime.


Click into any member’s profile and click the “Activity” button to see a list of posts by that member.
Ex. https://forums.catholic.com/u/guanophore/activity

Also, notice these are now semantic urls whereas the old site urls would be indecipherable.


@cawebmaster this has been a problem for me. If I click on a thread, sometimes it takes me way back to a post I had posted rather than to the last place I was at on the
thread. Sometimes it is a couple of hundred of posts off. It is never highlighted.


It is mostly right, and you can scroll quite quickly using the scroll tool.

What is inconvenient IMO is that the post number eg #275, is not explicitly exposed. The relative time indication eg 3m for a post made 3 minutes ago is of some use, but I’d prefer to see post numbers. Contrary to one opinion, “#275-3m” or “#275 (3m)” is not too complex nor does it eliminate too much white space.


This is my experience as well. I have missed hundreds of posts, especiallly if I start reading in the middle of the thread, then get scolded because I have not followed the thread. There is no way to find out which chunk you missed with out going back to the OP and rescrolling thru the whole thing. This is not tenable with 2000 posts.


Does this happen when clicking on a thread, or does it just happen when you follow the link when someone either likes your post, replies to your post, or mentions you in a post?

I know that’s how it works with the latter (which can certainly throw me off sometimes), but I’ve not had that happen to me when just going through unread threads. That’s why I usually peruse the forum that way rather than clicking on those notifications under my avatar.


You are automatically brought to it when you open a topic. On desktop I have seen a back button that brings me there but not all the time.


I am glad to hear it works for some people at least some of the time.


@cawebmaster are there any plans to fix the autocomplete issues in the dark theme?


Hello My Friend,

See if changing this choice works for you:

Go into your Preferences section…

You probably know how to do this by now…

It’s the gear icon up in the upper right-hand corner, that can be found when you click on your username icon.

You’ll find it underneath your username icon after you click on your username icon.

Once you click on the gear icon, scroll down a bit, and then look over on the left hand side of your screen.

You’ll see a link that says, “Interface.”

Click on that, and then “uncheck” the box that says, “Don’t jump to my post after I reply” if there is a check mark in that box.

Then click on the blue box that tells you to “Save Changes,” and then Reload your browser page to make sure that the changes have taken effect.

I have this choice unchecked.

Whenever I come back to the forum, I’m just taken to the last place where I left off reading, in whatever category I was looking at.


I followed your directions, but it is already unchecked. Thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome. :heart:

I thought that it might be worth a try doing.

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