What do you think of the forum redesign?


Not too happy with it but what can you do.
I do like that the ‘Ask an Apologist’ forum has reappeared. A non-Catholic like me can learn quite a bit about Catholicism.
What happened to the ‘Back Fence’ and ‘Water Cooler’ forums?


The Good

  • Forums are color coded. Good.

  • We can like posts instead of having people reply with a million thumbs up.

The not so good, but it’s my opinion

  • Why can’t we have square avatars? It forces this circle nonsense. That works for some pictures, but not all.

  • R.I.P similes.

The Bad

  • These forums are incredibly difficult to navigate now. I’m not some person who is bad with computers either, I’m a programmer so that should tell you something.

  • The topics look like they just got puked all over the front page.

  • The fact that pages never end is really annoying, there’s no way to turn it off. I preferred page numbers since it was easier to jump where you needed to go.

  • It’s very slow to navigate anywhere. If you open too many tabs it wants to run tons of scripts which brings my machine to a crawl. That would be great if we lived in 1995 when tabbed browsing didn’t exist, but now that we have browser tabs in all major browsers: Terrible idea. It means I can’t open more than a few tabs without my machine be rendered unusable and makes it harder to read more than one topic at a time.


One bad thing is the “quote” sections of replies–it used to be in a sort of beige color so you could immediately see what the quotation was. Now it’s the same as the text of the reply. Not good.


I see the topics are arranged according to subject matter, but you have to log in to the specific subject to see the topics listed and the comments. In other words, the various subjects are not visible at first. (I think!) I’m still navigating the site and discovering new things.


Meltz! Good to see you!
I like that I can see who responded before I read it. I can avoid lots of drama that way.
I couldn’t care less about smilies, although Vim71 has them all if anyone just has to have them.
This is what all Discourse sites look like, @ _A

It’s fine.



I was looking at Discourse before the switch so already had an idea what to expect. Personally I am 100,000% thrilled that I can mute World News and not have to see it. That in itself is a Godsend to me.


I think it’s funny that it says “IF” the redesign, not “OF”



Shows how much I pay attention to the titles… :open_mouth:


And the same to you…

So the question is how many people were checking a few times a day to see when it was back up? :thinking:


I suggest y’all change to the dark theme, so much easier on the eyes.


This is psychological on two counts, Clare. First, I and others, I’m sure, did not even notice the mistake, which is common. Second, wishful thinking in the manner of Freud.


it is pretty scary, looking for some of our other members.


Not everyone, Irishmom! LOL


i did not realize how many complaints about the old format you were receiving.

have you ever heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

your new format forced me to re-register and your robot informed me that i am now a “new user” and thus my comments would be rigorously vetted, although i have been posting on your site for, i am not certain, but i believe at least eight years with very few issues between us.

could this new format possibly be the result of someone not having enough to do?

i appreciate the options of replying directly to a post (i believe an improvement), and the ability to “like” a post, and being able to bookmark a post.

if this was the only way you could add those features, i guess re-registering and making it more difficult to find individual threads is just the price we have to pay.

i really miss being able to click and get a short look at the original question. also, i miss not knowing when the last comment was made and who made the last comment. those were very valuable features to me and saved me a great deal of time.

it will probably work out fine in the end, after the old users figure our the changes. for example, i now realize that each forum is listed on a drop down menu.

oh well, he shrugs.


Yes, the page numbers were much better than an infinite series that your computer has to load as you scroll. Before you could estimate where you wanted to go. Now you have no choice but to scroll through everything. Bad.


Or the one that says “if it ain’t broke, fix it till it is”.


Columns of numbers are beside each topic. I wonder what they are…no explanation, of course!


I guess that depends on what numbers you are looking at. For categories the “top” number is the total number of topics/thread. It might also have a number underneath with number of new topics.

For topics/threads the upper number is the number of posts and the lower number is the last time it was posted to in minutes (X m), hours (X h), or days (X d).


Yes, I agree , lost all my private messages and hate look of new site.
Why was it done as was fine before , this is surely a traditional religious site, not some techy site that needs to look ‘groovy’!!


It is very white and shiny.

Interesting new emoji’s - cute, but I’m not sure what context I would use them.


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