What do you think of the forum redesign?


Yes, but the default theme is White. Think about it! </ sarcasm>


That is just how people are. Anytime software updates it’s look or layout people complain like crazy. Me included. Even big companies like Apple and Microsoft experience that. Every time they update iOS I hate the new look. Then I like it after a while. That is just how we are.

Hopefully the CAF folks know this. And this is probably the same ratio of kind words to hate that priests experience when they change something. Think about that.

You are right that we should give it time. But there are some aspects that need to be tweaked for sure.


Oh it tells me who liked me in the summary.



I use to hate gnome shell, Ubuntu unity and windows 10. But once i got to understand how things worked my feelings changed. I think humans are naturally resistant to change.


Exactly. This is the way people act at work when you go through restructurings or the introduction of new databases, etc. I think the negativity is kind of a defense/coping mechanism. I do the opposite in these situations: I go Pollaynna everyone around me goes Exorcist Linda Blair, pea soup. We’ll make it. Now if more people would come back and start posting about good topics…


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Hi @FollowChrist34,


LOL!! :rofl:

I’m like you, in that I’m a “glass half full” kind of person, where I’m always kind of willing to give something a chance.

Your post comments made me laugh though, regarding the “Exorcist” comparison. :wink:


It is kind of apt, right? I was being so positive and all. Then I went to another thread. My God, everyone is like “I am out of here” “this is the worst site on the Internet” “I am a computer programmer by profession - this is the work of amateurs” Wow. I agree it is a little weird, even eerie looking but surely this is a bit hasty. I am glad you are giving it a chance too!

I LOVE the preview automatically being right there - fantastic.


So much wasted space on a desktop monitor…at least half the screen on the sides is just…blank.


Hi Steve I"m with you one that one i really liked it the old way never had any problem posting or looking for new threads of interest. Guess we now have to live with the new one they are having us use?


Also, @CarolNoel and @Bluebright

Preferences --> Interface --> Theme

That’s where the dark theme is.

Sorry for the delay, I would have replied sooner but I reached the 24 hour limit for posting from first time users. Which makes sense from an anti-trolling perspective.


What’s the limit?


Looking at my post history, it appears to be nine.


Okay, thanks. Not sure how many I’ve used today, but I can still post for now!


Welcome to “Mobile First” design. A great design philosophy if it is followed beyond “first”, but many people seem to follow a “mobile only” philosophy. Discourse seems to be somewhere between. I would love to have my top 20 watched threads on the left side while in a portrait mode and have them hidden when using my phone or tablet in portrait mode.

To be fair though, I’d rather have some wasted space on my desktop than to have stuff that didn’t work right on my phone like the old site did.


It says you joined in 2014, the limit is for first time users such as me so you should be able to post as much as you want.


You shouldn’t have as many restrictions since you are a “basic” user. Each trust level gives you more latitude and authority.

As mentioned “new users” have a number of limits to prevent spam bots from inundating the system with spam ads. That is why they have a limit at first.


I hate it. It looks terrible and I was forced to create a new account.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!


That makes sense. Hopefully it’ll deter the trolls as well. Do you know how many trust levels there are? And how to get up levels? Is it just how many posts a user has?


Thank you. Don’t know how I missed that.

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