What do you think of the forum redesign?


I’m an old guy, and I don’t use Facebook or twitter etc. and I don’t know how to use this site. I don’t see it as an improvement on anything.


A trendy young person was probably the cause of this


Oh when we post links to things, it has a popular links section attached to the first post.


I think a lot of members will leave the forums now. It isn’t an improvement and a lot of good features have disappeared. I also hate the fact that I had to create a new account.


And it previews the link


I can see that being the case. While I have figured this new software out, I imagine that many people might find it difficult to navigate and would go to something simpler and more obvious.

Personally I prefer to browse without any Javascript, so the requirement of Javascript for even the most basic function is off putting to myself.


I just had to change my password. Did you try that?

Is it really time for the internet version of exodus?


There are a number of things that drive trust levels. For the most part it is not strictly number of posts like on the old system.

If @cawebmaster wanted to, they could implement custom badges using the badge trigger system to emulate the old title system based on post counts and length of time on the forums. Those badges could then be used on the title card so people could get back their Veteran or Elder titles. The other things like Pray Warrior or Greeter could be implemented using the groups function and then even tie “Avatar Flair” images to people’s avatar (flair are little graphic overlays that show up on the “corner” of the Circle that represent your user in posts).

Back to trust levels. :roll_eyes:

There are 5 levels
Lvl 0 - New
Lvl 1 - Basic (earned after reading a specific number of topics, posts over a set amount of time - I think all migrated users start here)
Lvl 2 - Member (where most will likely land - requires a certain numbers of likes given and received, number of days visited, replying to different threads, et cetera)
Lvl 3 - Regular (visit a certain percentage of days and enter a certain percentage of threads over a time period, more likes given and received to multiple users)
Lvl 4 - Leader (this is manually granted only as far as I know)

Each level has it’s own privileges around posts, # of daily likes, flagging threads, splitting topics, et cetera. You can read more about trust levels here:


Thank you so much!


I tried to change my password but they wouldn’t send me the email. I know I updated my email address before the change so there’s no reason for it. I had to change my username and create a brand new account. It sucks.


CAF…let my people go!!!


Found it. I lost about 5k posts.


I have been coming on to CAF off and on today because of this new way the forum is now learning as i go. its easier than i thought… Who says a old dog can’t learn new tricks?


This is a very poor redesign. Difficult to look at.


One thing I found is that the open and close “quote” tags need to be on lines by them selves. If you edit anything and they end-up on a line with the quoted text or your reply you get what you see above.


The website looks very bad. It looks cheap and the color is bad on your eyes. The old format was better aestheticly and easier to navigate. What was the point of this awful update? If you want a mobile version why not make an app.
The fact that they delete old posts is also ridiculous. That’s a lot of informative catholic commentary deleted forever. This was a very idiotic decision and should be reversed.


Catholic answers is acting like Silicon Valley. Where companies
update things for no reason. It’s basically them giving there IT department something to do regardless if it’s needed or not.


I didn’t realize Jeff Atwood was one of the founders of Discourse. He of course was a founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. Knowing that makes me think Discourse is probably pretty darn good under the hood.


White supremacists? What do u mean?



They have LGBT emoticons now, on a ‘Catholic Answers Forum’ so I am done with CAF.

I want to say thank you to all the many faithful Catholics and others I have dialogued with on these forums, I really appreciate it and am very grateful for the time I have had here. I’ll keep praying for you and Id like to ask that you please pray for me too, especially Australia in regards to the upcoming plebiscite on marriage which I hope and pray results in a ‘no’ vote in regards to changing the definition of marriage.

As for the heretics hell bent on the destruction of marriage and the Church on these forums, please don’t bother. In the end Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.

For the many faithful Catholics on these forums I have dialogued with over the past few years -
‘I plead with you–never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.’ - St Pope John Paul II

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

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