What do you think of the forum redesign?


I hate it. It’s sooo confusing. Smh.


I just realized they have emoticons with two men kissing!!! LOL

That’s a strange inclusion indeed.


Exactly (Although I couldn’t find that emoji on the long list), it’s disgraceful that this is on a ‘Catholic Answers Forum’ which is why I am done.

God Bless You IWantGod

Thank you for reading


This is the emoticon!


What in the hell!!

Surely there is an explanation for this?


If you are seeing an emoticon it means your device displays, and can create, that character. You could blame CAF, but you could also blame your device. You can type an emoticon just using your keyboard. The problem here is the forum software has a default emoji menu which lists, I assume, all the emojis. They hopefully can remove these from the menu. But that doesn’t need mean someone can’t just enter it with their keyboard. Ideally they could create a filter that prohibits the use of certain emojis. Give them time to figure these things out.


Test quote feature


It’s actually an image in this case (they use Twitter or EmojiOne images), but your point is valid. Even if they override the default emojis there isn’t really anything stopping someone from posting :couple_with_heart_woman_woman: instead of :couple_with_heart_woman_woman:. The first is the actual UTF8 code that the browser renders, the second is the image sent by Discourse. The can override the second one, but not the first one.


Actually maybe they can override it. In the editor and preview it shows the device based emoji, but when I look at the thread it has replaced it with an image. It looks like
it might only be certain codes since I still see my device image of a fencer here :person_fencing:


Just keep selecting the text you want to quote one at a time. When you highlight the text an option to quote appears.


Where do you find the emojis and how do
you start a new thread?


Like all new things,might take time to adjust,
At first glance I prefer the old system,
I’ll give it a couple days first to see how I go ,


At this stage,I agree ,


Oh yes. It is so much easier. I’m not thrilled with the changes but I can work with the dark theme.


I thought those could be interpreted as friends, but there are emoticons with two male faces and two female faces with a heart between them. That could be interpreted by some people as symbolising a romantic relationship between two people of the same gender. Not appropriate for this forum. That should be looked at by the moderator. Why were such emoticons allowed in the first place?


I think they are just the standard emojis. I have them on my phone. Just because I purchased the phone, doesn’t mean I need to use or approve of all the emojis.


Right. And really, if one is a practicing Catholic, WHY would it worry one to have them? Assuming none of us would be posting them for any reason. (Except of course for those who just HAD to show them). :roll_eyes:
Seriously, I’ll never use them so it’s not a big worry for me.
Emoticons seems to encompass a lot of discussion here. People are so wrapped up on it. If using emoticons or smilies will make or break you posts, well…gee whiz.



Usige, I don’t know if you’d consider it, but with all the good info that you, Joe, and Vim have…why don’t you guys collaborate on a HOW-TO Navigate the NEW CAF and answer all the basic queries?
I tried saving all your responses, but it just didn’t work.
Where’s my profile>
How do I start a thread>
Where are my stats>
What is the different in replies> replying to a specific person, and general reply>
You get what I mean,
I think MANY people who are unduly frustrated would appreciate it.
Just a suggestion, Thanks for all your assistance. :sunglasses:


Sorry. It’s impossible to use. Goodby all!


Hate to see you go! :disappointed_relieved:


Usige has addressed this issue further down this thread. If you don’t find it, reply to this and I will try to figure out how to quote him. I don’t have the time to do so right now.

Sorry, I feel worthless with this new forum design. Not that I could do a lot of fancy stuff with the old one, though! :wink:

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