What do you think of the forum redesign?


So far, it’s more difficult to navigate. Perhaps I’ll get better at it, but if not, I’ll certainly be here less often - if ever.


CAF could filter it, or better yet, disable emoji and setup a bunch of default SVG emots.


Boo! Just Boo!!!


It’s in the international standard. Seems to be an emoji for everything.

‘two_men_holding_hands’ :two_men_holding_hands:
‘family_man_man_girl_girl’ :family_man_man_girl_girl:
‘couplekiss_woman_woman’ :couplekiss_woman_woman:

Which may cause some folk to need this one - ‘exploding_head’ :exploding_head:


Sometimes it helps to have really crappy eyesight.

Those emoji look like like a yellow blob with a different color blob above it. If I had to guess, I’d say it was a tank, or maybe one of those monster truck things.



Know what you mean. If you want to see them in full glory, on my browser pressing Ctrl and + together zooms in (repeat as necessary), then Ctrl and 0 resets to normal.


I don’t like it.


I don’t like vegetables, but we still have to eat it.


The glory of secular pluralism.


Yes, but you can choose not to eat vegetables.


Some trendy young person did this to punishment old people.


I’m not old and I feel punished. :frowning:


Are you conservative? That might be another reason.


This platform doesn’t play nice with my autocorrect.:confused:


Why is everybody saying the forum has changed? It looks exactly as it has always looked.


Uh, it does look different. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We do have a choice in this, though. We can simply not participate in this forum, and if we feel the need for Catholic discussions there are many more forums out there.

You mentioned earlier that no other forums have the active membership that this one does. That was certainly true, but I suspect that may change very rapidly now, whether by people going elsewhere or simply dropping out of these types of forums all together now that the prefered site is gone.

I’m not kidding myself, this is simply not the same place it was before. I understand that a change was needed due to aging software, but this kind of overhaul was unnecessary. Between the loss of regular members and the total stylistic overhaul this is a completely different forum. This isn’t a forum I would sign up for if I came across it, so why would I continue with it now?

I’ll continue lurking for a little while longer, but as of now I can see that this place isn’t for me anymore.

Peace and God bless!


If what people have been telling me is true, yes, other people are already leaving this forum for other forums with interfaces that make sense. If the link at the very top of this topic is true, at least 35 other people agree with that.


Denial is the only way we are gonna get through this.

This forums great!!:sunglasses:


I don’t know, most people seem to hold the opposite belief of you.

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