What do you think of the forum redesign?


The art of self delusion will make this site seem a whole lot better trust me!

On a more serious note though, while i don’t really like the change my self, its not unusable.


Why would I want to delude myself? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It may not be unusable, but on a desktop it is very cumbersome, almost as if desktop support was an after thought.


What, compared to this? http://www.catholicforum.com/forums/forum.php

You can count me out.


That looks professionally set up and nice. 10/10


You’re kidding me right? The web site looks like its from the stone age.


Let’s see:

  • That site doesn’t require me to allow Javascript, so it’s properly designed.
  • I can easily find everything I’m looking for without doing a million page jumps
  • It’s functional and doesn’t force a mobile site while I’m on a desktop computer
  • It doesn’t slow to a crawl if I dare open more than a few tabs on that site

So no, I’m not kidding


I like the Catholicforum website. It’s clearly defined and organized, even if it looks 90’s. I just wish it had more interesting discussion and commenting, but every single comment is submitted for moderation, which really slows things up as well. This one looks modern, but seems to have all of the topics lumped together in a giant stream of consciousness. I feel like I’m in a brand new car with very poor visibility. I’ve been really enjoying coming up metaphors which describe this forum in a negative light the last few days.


I wouldn’t say it looks 90s, it looks functional. Which is something “modern” web design has lost sight of.

I’ll have to check your posts for these metaphors. God Bless.


Or would you rather have this https://www.reddit.com/r/Catholicism/


Reddit is terrible, their system encourages people to say things to get reputation points and silence unpopular views, even if those views are correct.

Reddit’s system though, is at least somewhat useable on a desktop.


I have been searching for a new Catholic forum website and guess what…there are no viable alternatives. Catholic answers forum is king, and while a small percentage may leave my guess is that the vast majority will stay.


No, it isn’t exactly the same place, but it isn’t something completely different. The look and feel has changed. The interface has changed. But it still has most all of the old content and lots of the same users.

I think the look and feel and interface could stand some tweaks that shouldn’t be that hard to implement. Hopefully they will make some adjustments.


What do I think of the forum redesign? Looks like it was redesigned by a chimpanzee…under the influence of god knows what!!! :skull_and_crossbones: Nevertheless, I’ll stick around. It certainly isn’t what I’d call a “sky is falling” ordeal…yet.:cold_sweat:


LOL!! :rofl: :smiling_imp:

There you go!

I love your positive attitude!


I do not like it at all. My site Mature Vocations, along with 32 members, has disappeared into the either world. While expecting changes I did not expect a ‘wipeout.’ It was good the way it was…maybe a few minor teaks needed, but not this. Why was this total ‘redo’ necessary?


Please “bold” the grayed-out options (edit, like and show-more), as they are barely visible.
Haven’t found it yet, but thread subscription control will be needed.


Yup, LGBT symbols and ‘the middle fingered salute’, but no angels or praying . . . :roll_eyes:


There is praying, see :pray:

To do it, type a colon and then pray and then colon


Subscription control shows up a couple places depending on if you are on a desktop or mobile.

For desk tops you should see a scroller on the right side with two buttons underneath. The left most is to reply to the first post in the thread and the second is the subscription control. Here is an image with it expanded.

The same pop over can bee seen at the bottom of the thread.



To see your threads, click on your user icon (top right). From there select Preferences on the top nav and Categories from the left nav. You’ll see something like:

Click on the “Show watched topics” or “Show tracked topics” to see the topics (aka threads) you are subscribed to.

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