What do you think of the forum redesign?


Weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Finally, the control of when and how things are tracked can be found under preferences - notifications


So for me if I stay in a topic/thread for 4+ minutes it will automatically mark it as Tracked, the same when I post. Normally if you create a topic it sets it to Watching. The main difference is that you will get notifications on any post when you watch a thread as opposed to just being able to see a count of old and new unread replies when Tracking a thread.

Hope all that helps.


It has archived posts, but without the feel and social dynamic it can’t have the same content. It remains to be seen if it will have lots of the same users, but even if it does it may not have the same type of interaction.


Thank you ever so much Pug.


It’s actually not a forum redesign.

It’s a new platform for a forum.

Today’s epiphany


As soon as I figure some stuff out, I will contribute to that effort. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How do you find your own threads (the equivalent of “Discuss - My posts” under the old layout)?


I don’t like it so far.


prefer the previous version…don’t like this at all. Had to submit a new password as well, don’t know if I am still registered back when I first joined. Why fix it when it isn’t broken.


After a couple of days, I don’t see many improvements and I miss some of the old features,such as:
Seeing a posters religion, location and post count on their posts.
I miss the home page that included a side bar with recent posts as well as forum categories.
Quotes used to be on a different background, thereby making it easier to read and know which part is quoted.


I wouldn’t like to bet any money on it.

CAF was king. If I’d come across this site, several years ago, I would not have stayed, it’s too all over the place and I would have lost interest very quickly.


Yes, the side bar of recent posts was very helpful, as it allowed you to read about a subject that you would not have been actively looking for, but thought it may be interesting. I have never trawled through all the different categories, of the site, when I visit. I was however directed to different categories by using the side bar.


I am very uncomfortable with it, and do not yet know if I will stay.


I do miss seeing other posters’ religions, that was useful for me as an Agnostic. I miss the sidebar as well, although you can still find new and recently posted in threads if you press the three lines next to your avatar.

I guess my only other niggle is I wish that the sticky threads were a different colour to the others.


I think the social dynamic is yet to be known. It could end up being the same. It could change for the worse, but it could also be better. We the users will determine how the interaction will be.


I really don’t like it.


It’s not necessarily a rejection of something new, but the losing of something old that was cared about. If I was forced to give up my car, and it was replaced by something someone else picked out for me, I’d be a little critical as well.

But moreover, this particular forum software is simply not everyone’s cup of tea. I think a lot of the people who are criticizing things in this thread never would have joined if the forum had “always” looked like this.


Is there a Member Search?
I sure am missing quite a few people!!


Not liking it so far. Too confusing. I did just find it this morning though so who knows. Just doesn’t seem nearly as easy to find what you are looking for.


The homepage is a list of most recent posts. To see a categories listing click “categories” at the top. Is that helpful?

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