What do you think of the forum redesign?


You can click the search icon in the top right and search for members. The search engine is still indexing, so search results will improve over the coming days.


Thank you for the update. That was helpful! Same here


Long time lurker, but first time poster…

What made me post?: The new forums… I am sorry to say but they are absolutely horrible. The old design was much much (x1000) better. This one seems bland, hard to navigate on all levels (forum topics, within a post, thru “pages”, etc.).

Of course, the contents is what I am interested in, however, this new format makes it extremely (I can’t put it strongly enough) unattractive, a chore…

It is of course, my opinion and others might not share it, but this WILL make me lose interest in coming to this site, I just can stomach this new format.

Please consider going back to a more traditional forum software, not this huge freehand notepad like thing it currently is. I don’t want to hurt any feelings, i’m sure a lot of work has been put towards it, but… I’m out if it doesn’t change back to a standard forum format.


I have not read all the replies (which would take 49 minutes, according to the site).

  1. There were problems with the old system they used regarding mobile devices, and the software was structured in such a way that they were having trouble keeping up with that. I experienced problems with mobile devices, so I can understand the change for that reason.

  2. This is so weird!!! At first I thought I was still in the search engine results, not actually on CAF. Maybe at least a light background color? (I am at least happy to be rid of that brown.)

  3. There are no lines or boxes. I imagine that as time goes on, the aesthetics will improve.

  4. I liked the way that it used to be that you could see the latest posts in all fora, and then see the latest posts in specific fora, but now it seems like in a specific forum, the threads are all jumbled up, time-wise.

Other than that, I hope it is easier for CAF staff :smiley:



Thanks - yes, I am now aware of that feature.

My comment though was in relation to the visual aspect, of the old site, i.e. when arriving at a category of choice all other new posts were visible on the LHS and prayer intentions on the RHS. It now requires navigating out of the category you are in to check on ‘new’ posts - not something I would do usually.

I, personally, find the layout extremely bland, as I always use a laptop to view. It just looks very basic and boring and not as inviting. It does not look structured, nor does it have the feel of a ‘serious’ catholic website - IF that makes any sense!:blush: There is also no ‘sense’ of the wealth of information that is available on the site - in relation to new users.

A black background with white writing hurts my eyes, and always has, although I note there should be a intermediate colour added soon - which is needed. I also note many other features, that I had thought were completely lost to the old site.

Regards Pauline


With this post included that makes 518 posts on this thread so far, and the majority opinion appears to be a negative response towards the new forum.


Thank you very much


Personally, the three drawbacks I see to this format are as follows.

1: No place to list a religion.
Considering the nature of discussions, knowing another person’s religion made knowing their background easier. If someone posted something contrary to Catholicism I’d be able to look at it often go “okay, that’s because they’re not Catholic.” Or if interfaith dialogue was present, it made knowing the various “sides” easier to distinguish.

2: Pages
Having pages made it somewhat easier to navigate. The scroll is okay to an extent, but I prefer pages. It makes organization a bit easier.

3: Lack of an Organized Homepage
While you can view the categories nicely, having a homepage with the various subtotal made knowing where you wanted to go easier.

As for pros, custom avatars are nice, though it’d be nice if the old defaults where also present.

Edit: I almost forgot a major pro. Ask and Apologist is back on the forum which deserves a big whoop for being easier to access on the go.


Why have we lost all our Private Messages ? Where have our Friends lists gone ? Where has the Parenting section gone ??


But it appears to be just the archive of old answers (most recent post is from January)
(Of course, the answers were frequently an archive of answers too *)

This -> :popcorn: does not nearly carry the same gravitas as the old, animated smiley.

(* Second ObDissatisfaction: I will also miss the :twocents: smiley :frowning: )


I miss our signatures.

I vote we:

  • Either, take to the bottle
  • Petition for a personal prelature for those of us disheartened by the destruction of a once stellar discussion arena


  • Take up a collection to fund a new forum with the old design; something along the lines of Catholic Answers Forum, Reformed.


You can list your religion, but it only appears on your profile, not when you post, which I don’t think is very good at all. It’s better if appears next to where you post.


If you can find a copy of the smiley that you liked before for popcorn and copy the url from the internet, you can insert the url between image tags and it will appear on CAF


I found this.



Here’s how I feel about that


How did you do that. Where did you find them?


Hmmm, @IWantGod. Right click right on the animated picture you like, say that popcorn picture in Nelka’s post and choose to Copy Image Location. Now you’ve got the url you need in your memory.

Then, when you are replying to a post, and you want to put the picture there, you can click on the upload icon

and once there choose to upload from the web button and then paste that url onto the line they give you. Then click Upload.


On desktop the URL looks something like What do you think of the forum redesign?. Change the number after the last / to go to a specific post.

Stuff I like:

The replies under the post replied to.
I like it better visually (at least on dark theme).
Ability to mute topics / categories that I’m not interested in
Mobile friendly (won’t be using mobile much but the old site was almost impossible to read on it).
While I would prefer pages on the main site the fact that you are automatically taken to the first unread post means that the infinite scroll is not a big deal for me here.

Stuff I would like changed:

I would like topics with unread posts to be more distinct. I am tracking topics when I read them but would like a better way.
More themes


I don’t like it. I miss the old design. It was much simpler.


I’ve used it for a couple of days and I think I like it. It was a shock at first and I’ve had to change my name but it’s probably better. We’ve got to keep pace with technology after all. In a few months, we’ll all be back to normal. One great plus is that there’s no moderators - we can have a freer discussion.

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