What do you think of the forum redesign?


replying is horrible


In what way :question:

I clicked a button and voilà… reply.


No, replying is much better. It has its quirks to be sure. But you can easily add multiple quotes. You can also preview your reply as you type. I’d say that is much better than the old forum.


I actually really like the scrolling as opposed to the separate pages. From the beginning on the old site I had changed my setting to the max of 100 posts per page because I disliked having to click “next page” any more than absolutely necessary.

I like that I can click/tap in the number of posts and scroll up or down. I think once I get the hang of that it will make it much easier to navigate a thread with a lot of posts.

I do miss seeing a poster’s religion. I remember back when they first added that feature (it wasn’t there initially). It was a welcome addition. I’m not sure if that’s something that can be added in. Of course, most posters identify as Catholic, so I’ll just have to commit to memory the non-Catholics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And although I did like being able to have a signature, not having them does make it easier for me to read through threads.


I don’t like it. It looks clunky and a waste of space.


It’s kind of bright, but other than that, I like trying new things :slight_smile:


Furthermore, I miss being able to hover over the initial question/statement to see at a glance if I want to answer or participate. Now I have to open the message to read it.


I hope they bring that function back.

They have a new theme that is better than the default theme now, but its still very white.


I agree, infinite scroll is okay for threads (I too had set the old site to display 100 posts per page), especially with the scroll-o-meter thingy on the right.

But it is a darned nuisance in other contexts. For instance, if I want to see the first post made by my other self, @tee_eff_em, on the old site, I can display all 5.6K posts created, but I would infinitely scroll an awfully long time to get to the bottom of the page. Maybe it will be better when search is functional?

(eta: Especially annoying due to the plethora of titles like “Question”, “Did I Commit a Sin?”, “Can Someone Help Me?”, et cetera.)


It’s very new and contemporary looking. The one thing I miss is I don’t know how to access the topics as before. It seems they get categorized but I’m not sure how to find ALL the Apologetics topics, for instance. Maybe I just haven’t understood yet.


From the homepage, on the top-left just under the logo, click “all categories”, then click “Apologetics”. Does that help?


I found it, thank you! :slight_smile:


Click on the three horizontal lines next to your avatar, and all NEW threads are there…also all the other fora…


I like it too. Also, the new forum keeps track of where you were in the thread on the right slider. When you come back to a thread you know where you left off. Along the same lines it tells you if there has been a new post since you last read a thread. Actually it tells you how many new posts. These aspects are far superior.


I think it is terrible & very confusing to use. I finally was able to get a new name & password. They kept telling me my email address was invalid! I’ll try it here for a few days & decide if I want to stay.


I’m not a big fan of it but I am starting to get used to it.



Is that 12 characters?[/quote]


Yeah, it’s pretty sorry. Sometimes I am away for a few days; I came back – and it’s all different, had to do a new password, all PM’s gone, and I was involved in some great discussions. All gone. :frowning:

Oh – I don’t know how this works, don’t know how to do a “quote”, not interested in learning new. Every other forum I’ve seen uses the above format, doesn’t work here (any more).

It has taken about TWENTY MINUTES for this page to load; someone said “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” – but I can’t scroll up to see who said it, it’s completely unusable.


The biggest thing is I’d like to go back to having pages instead of having this single-page format. It doesn’t really work well for long threads. If you want to just go to the bottom of the page, or if you want to go back to the very top, it takes forever because it insists on loading hundreds of replies in between.


Now that I have had time to enjoy experimenting around with it… not much Now where do they keep the frowning emoji


If you are on a desktop or a tablet you can use the slider to the right of the posts. Hold down the slider and drag it. You can drag it to the top or bottom and it loads those posts quickly. As you drag it it shows the post number and the date of the post.

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