What do you think of the forum redesign?


Still takes forever for me to get to the top or bottom of a long thread, even with the slider.


Getting use to it but I still prefer pages over a ‘continuous’ thread. So there’s no need for this anymore:


Just click the dates at each end of the slider.:eyes:


Agreed. I like the way posts are separated with gray but the white is still somewhat painful.


The grey is an improvement as it highlights the replies into boxes and/or that design feature has been added. Still a bit too bright though, needs to be a tad darker.


We need an Extraordinary Form of the Forums. Can Catholic Answers provide one? If not, how does one set one’s preferences so that the new design most closely resembles the old design?


Sounds like many problems with screen resolution and pc’s.
So much of what people are complaining about is not happening to me. I can see everything fine, instant loading, easy to navigate.
Perhaps updating a browser or adjusting screen resolution may help some folks? I don’t know, just thinking out loud…the only thing that I have found is that Grammerly doesn’t work here, which is sad, because I’m pretty famous for my typos! :rofl:


What kind of computer are you on? Desktop?


Hey! I just noticed the little slice of cake! It’s my anniversary on CAF! Woo-hoo!

Too bad we don’t still have the levels. I would have been something by now, sheesh. I had plenty of posts, but hadn’t been here long enough to have the level that some of my friends with fewer posts had…:upside_down_face:


HP laptop. Bought it last summer.


Windows 10, Google Chrome


Click the eclipse at the bottom of your post. You should see a trash can icon.


Fun! I’m sure there will be lots of just things to be discovered moving forward.

Yes, you’d be an Elder for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just so long as I don’t go elder-LY …hahahaha
I’m young at heart!


Do n ot like it at all!! :frowning:


My personal view is that the redesign is so difficult to navigate and has lost so much information that many of us including myself will probably go somewhere else.


Have some more cake
and ice cream


Here’s to ya’!



I thought it was too bright too. I changed to the “dark” theme in Preferences -> Interface and it i find it more comfortable for my eyes.


I agree, right now I am feeling like it might be too much for me😪


my only real complaint is the quoted text from the old system did not transfer over well but this should become less and less an issue as the older threads become dormant and i am not reading them any longer.

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