What do you think of the forum redesign?


This is not meant to disparage you or anyone else having difficulty, but can you quantify what exactly you find difficult in navigation? In otherwords “I want to go to X or I used to do Y, but don’t know how to now.” I ask so that I can help if possible.

It is different for sure, but I actually find I am moving through the site quicker than I did on the old one. In some ways it requires different ways of approaching it, but in many cases I’ve found a new approach let’s me find things quicker than before.

That is why I am interested in the problems people are having. I keep seeing people say it is too difficult, but without any explanation of why they find it difficult. For me it’s a little like someone saying that using the “new thing” to join two piece of wood together doesn’t work well, only to find out the “new thing” is a screw and they are trying to use a hammer like they did with a nail. It’s a difference between what you are trying to do versus how you try to do it, if that makes sense. In most cases the what is still there even if it requires a new how.


is there a How-To FAQ thread? maybe one needs to be started


thanks!! wish they had a sepia tone color. i’m using the black for now :slight_smile:. i appreciate the instructions, thanks!


No Problem! I agree that a setting or two between the bright and dark themes would be a nice addition.


What forum is it?

but I seriously have found another forum I like a lot,


There is an FAQ, but it is general community guidelines and not a how too. I have been asked by a couple people to put some stuff together, but it might be helpful to have a how to thread or actually threads under a sub-topic.

My only concern is that it would become a list of complaints instead of questions that are actionable. While I understand something of the underlying platform, I do not work for CAF and have no ability to “fix” things by changing any of the options. As I have stated before statements like “make it look/work like it did before” are non-srarters. On the other hand “I used to do X, how do I do that now?” give me and others a place to start from. I can help people work within the constraints of the new platform, but I can’t make it do what it wasn’t designed to do (well I could fork and recode it, but that’s a completely different conversation… :smiley: )


Not sure of the logic behind it. If there is logic in it.


It would take too long to describe all the problems - certainly on a mobile it is virtually impossible to navigate. Unless you happen to remember previous friends user names you cannot find them. I cannot seem to delete endlessly admin messages the list goes on.


I thought I saw something said about how that was actually going to be fixed in the coming days.


one thing i’d like to see is a top button that takes you to the first message in the thread. i know there is a jump to but i usually go to the 1st message. i use an rss reader and it often enters me at some specific message in the thread. i thought the google rss extension had a topic feed but all i see now is a message feed. thanks


@upant Do you see that side bar that you scroll with? See how it says Sep 8 at the top? Click on the words Sep 8. It will take you to the first post. :slight_smile:


i just notice if i click the header it takes me to the 1st message so well done that one is fixed …if we only knew it was there.


thanks, i’m using a chromebook and do not see dates on my scroll but i did find i just have to click the header. it is probably my settings but i set it for my rss reader.


agreed, maybe a Navigation Tips thread instead of a FAQ, so it is just for shortcuts etc.


Thanks for telling me that. I’ll keep that in mind that the browser/computer matters (I’m firefox/Macbook) if I tell someone else.


Cheaper in the long run would be my guess.


found this also; man you are good. thanks. i started a thread for shortcuts. let us see what is revealed.


Thank you tee. Bless your little pixelated heart. :heart_eyes:


Let it go. Let it go! :musical_keyboard::notes::musical_note:

(happy cakeday)


OH I don’t really care about the levels, they never got you anything anyway, just sayin’

Thanks for the keyboard and music notes!!! YAY :heart_eyes:

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