What do you think of the forum redesign?


Groovy, jeanj. Haha, I remember when that word first came about. Maybe that is why we like the old site better.


Not a fan personally. The new design appears disorganized with topics just scattered willy nilly. On the other hand, instant post updates are interesting and an improvement.


So far it’s not too bad. I, too, miss the quotes in a different color/shade.


FYI when I tried to log in I couldn’t. I reset my password and was able to. Others having issues may want to try that.

I don’t like change. I’ve also found that often change is for the better. That said, my first impression is that it is too sterile. It lacks a certain warmth that the old forums have. I’m with others in that I like a paged view. The never ending page can bog down my iPad. The old quote system didn’t make it and so posts with quotes don’t look right. I like a full desktop view when using my iPad in landscape.

The new preview sectional the right of the text entry box is much better then having to submit to preview. The new quoting isn’t much better. You can more easily create multiple quote blocks.

It was weird having the forum down for three days. Glad it is back up.


Cleaner look, usability is pretty good. I miss some old features but like some of the new ones. It will take a little time to adjust.

I’m not nuts about the white. Reading this on my iPad burns my retinas at night.


is there an easier way to get to the end of conversation besides having to scroll through hundreds of comments?

is there some kind of 'go to" function that permits a person to pick, for example #109 out of say 300 comments.

i find the necessity of scrolling through hundreds of comments to be off putting enough to put the forums very low on my list of sites to visit.

i am guessing their is a simpler method than scrolling that i have yet to discover.

if someone else has discovered it, please let me know.


I’m not really fan of it. I don’t like the circular avatars.


No problem here as long as I can use a dark background.


I did, and after seeing the new format, I wasted my time. I don’t like it.


I’m not sure how it works on a desktop/laptop, but on the iPad I just click and hold on the post number count next to the scroll bar and I pull down. I can get to the last post in a second.


Well…I had to re-do my password to sign on and reply. Now it wants me to add a picture or something. Format looks more tablet/phone friendly. Everything seems to be going that way. I’m not too sure how I feel about it at this moment:expressionless:


Pianistclare, where have you moved? Maybe I’ll follow. I’m not liking this so far. I just spent 10 minutes trying to login. Apparently, my old password was insufficient.


Turn on dark theme, I felt the same way!


It’s in the preferences, also love your portrait! He is my favorite saint! (are we supposed to have favorites?)


It is friendlier on mobile and other devices. I like it. At the same time I miss the old forum.


what’s the other forum?


I already miss the old forum.

It’s always a shame when software developers make new versions that are not as good as previous versions.



Is that 12 characters?


Sure you can have a favorite or favorite saints.


Yeah, this will take some getting used to! Now that I have a job teaching at a Catholic High School, I’ll probably not be here as much! Glad we made it thru!

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