What do you think of the forum redesign?


I read that one of the reasons for the update was that vBulletin wasn’t mobile-friendly and it many ways it wasn’t. I don’t find this version to be that easy to use on mobile either. Posting is easier but reading is worse and navigating is a little of both.

I do like that if I log out on my phone it logs me out if I’m logged in on a PC too. I don’t use a shared computer but if I did this would be good.


So do I. I hope they change that.


We’ve recently made a new theme available: CA Theme. The possibility of an additional theme(s) is being considered. You can click the date/time_ago at the top and bottom of the slider on the right-side of the screen to quickly jump to the last and first post. If a user chooses to specify their religion it will be displayed on their profile.


Hi Janet, your old account should still be intact. It may be that you no longer have access to the email you specified in that account and therefore cannot utilize the password reset feature. If that’s the case, please message me and I’ll see what I can do to help.


I post mainly from outside and the dark is unreadable from reflection and the light is too bright for that on my phone.


There are three different themes to choose from:



CA Theme

If you click on the Menu icon in the upper right corner (Icon_Menu), below the list of categories it will show the three themes with an asterisk by whichever one is currently enabled. Try them all to see which one works better. I was using the dark theme, but now I’ve switched to the CA theme. I think I’d still like to see one that is darker than the CA theme, but lighter than the dark theme. But both of them are bearable to me. I won’t be using the default theme, though. Too bright for me.

BUG: "New Topic" button missing when using CA Theme [edit: not really a bug, the button is just in a different place]

Thank u !..:slight_smile:


How does one turn off the email notifications of responses to posts?


Go into your settings -> preferences -> emails and uncheck

“Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic”




The ca theme doesn’t work on my iPad or iPhone or Samsung tablet.

Is it only for desktops?

The ca theme and the light theme are the same


Yes, it works on mobile devices as well. When you say it doesn’t work, do you mean it remains in the default theme or do you mean there is some other problem with the interface? Could you provide a screenshot?


Is it meant to turn yellow? Or just the title bar go blue? In CA theme?


I just do not like this new board, I hate you have to click posts to see replies, among many other things too!. Ive actually been going to a city-data forum that I went to here and there in the past, its in the same format as the old CAF, but they have a huge number of boards, they have boards for literally every topic you can think of, their christianity and religion forums are pretty good, about the same number of people at CAF posting daily, same types of things being discussed, but just the sheer amount of topic boards is a bit overwhelming, I frequented like 5 different boards in the old CAF, on city-data, Im on like 20, so its hard to keep track of, but I like that old format, cant think of the name, there are many many boards still out there using it.


@mikekle, could you further explain the difficulty you are having when you say, “you have to click posts to see replies”? Maybe I can help.

Edit: Ok I think I know what you mean. You might really like this feature: clicking on a post’s “reply” dropdown is just an added option given to you that assembles all the replies nicely right under the post to which they are replying. Yet, those replies are also still in their chronological position within the thread AND they include a link to the post they are replying to.


I think this is a common misunderstanding since Discourse uses a hybrid thread display model. Having both the flat and threaded display causes some people confusion. I’m hoping many eventually find it as useful as I have.

@mikekle, I explain this feature a little more in a separate thread: Confusing Interface


Hmmm…I generally like new and novel things, but this…

It almost makes me want to get banned, sorry.

Maybe many of us will adapt (or not), but to put it very bluntly…

I think it kinda sucks.

(perhaps, subjectively, it will suck less over time. or more? : D )


We owe you a lot for all your work and kindness helping us out.
Thank you!!


The CA theme, IMO, is by far the easiest to view however it still needs to be darkened, just a little, to give more contrast - as although a lot better it is still quite bright. There is a blue colour that appears once a thread is opened/sent etc, if it is possible if the site could be that blue colour, or just sl lighter, that would be perfect - for me anyhow! :grinning: Thanks


This is going to take forever for me to figure everything out, I’m afraid. I miss my gif avatar. I really like the ability to choose different color schemes.

I just noticed the slider. That is one problem solved.

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