What do you think of the forum redesign?


Hi @PJM,

We have to have the member’s username spelling in the exact/correct spelling form for the forum to recognize it in order for it to come up for a message.

Try checking it again for spelling, and see if it comes up again for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have wondered the same thing.


I think my topics are still getting as much responses as they always have.


I think the forum had been declining in terms of use prior to the switch. The switch definitely has been tough for some people so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is less overall activity. But I wouldn’t blame the decline on forum platforms.


I think it has … I know we lost people in the prayer forum.


It has by about half according to STATS I seen eariler here



I checked it multiple times; with and without the colon

I REALLY appreciate your assistance



It’s hard for me to get a sense of how many active users there are now compared to before. Through the Internet Archive, I can get snapshots of how many registered members were online at a particular moment when the snapshot of the page was taken. I can compare the snapshot from two different dates to calculate how many new members registered in a given time frame. But none really gives you the number of active users.

The new forum’s About page gives the number of active users over the last 7 days and last 30 days. That’s not quite the same metric as before.

One interesting thing I note is that we actually have a huge increase in the number of posts since the change. In the last 30 days, we have had 445,800 posts. For comparison, we had 719,270 posts between July 30, 2016 and July 31, 2017. So that means, in the past month, we’ve already had 60% of the posts from the entire previous year. If we continued at this pace for the next 12 months, we’d have over 5 million posts in the first year of the new forum. At the forum’s peak, we only ever had 1.5 million posts in a year. Now, I know there are bound to be lots more posts in the beginning just with people asking about how everything works. I also don’t know how much spam gets factored into the counts. Still, it will be interesting to see how it goes. The great increase also makes me wonder if the new CAF is counting private messages whereas the old one did not. :thinking:

Oddly enough, though, the number of individual threads/topics is way down. The number of threads in that same one year time frame on the old system was 35,505 (which is way down from where it was just a few years earlier). But in the past 30 days of the new CAF, there have only been 1,800 new topics/threads. At that rate, we will only hit 21,600 new topics/threads for the first year. Again, there may be other factors in the count that I don’t realize. For example, I don’t know if every question asked in the old Ask An Apologist forum got counted as a new thread regardless of whether or not the question was actually answered. In the new CAF, there are no new Ask an Apologist threads. So I could see that having a big impact on how many new threads/topics there were in the old CAF.

tl;dr There appears to be significantly more posts and significantly fewer topics/threads in the new CAF than there was in the old CAF.


I’m suspecting some of the large number of posts are old posts that are being counted when they were transferred over on the first day. You mentioned this effect in association with the AAA forum. But some old threads appeared in News and Liturgy and other forums.


That’s possible. On the first day, we were down several million posts (because of the categories like Back Fence that were missing). But perhaps there were some that weren’t included right away. I’ll have to check back in another 30 days. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


I hesitate to share this but I can foresee a backlash where SERIOUS CAF posters are going to become discouraged.

As an OLDIE of CAF I confess I have NEVER seen so many [to be kind here] silly topics and OPQ’s

This NEW CAF is RAPIDLY becoming just ANOTHER Christian Forum [which I have long ago learned to shun]

If something is not done about this, I’m certainly going to lose interest.



I actually think the new forum is easier to use and therefore wouldn’t be surprised if there are more posts. This could have the unfortunate consequence of the posts themselves being less well crafted and being more of a short back and forth kind of dialogue.

First, what is an OPQ?

I’m not sure I agree there are more silly posts. There is the casual discussion section which has sillier posts and games. This was I think the back fence from the old forum. I never really participate. At first this section wasn’t available so some of the content appeared in other categories.

If the topics is really silly, or worse, then you can always flag it. I think the new forum relies more on us users reviewing topics and individual posts to make sure they are within bounds.


I think it means “Original Post(er) Question(s)”. As in, there are more topics/threads being started with off-the-wall questions.

I’m not sure I agree with that either. Although I certainly have seen a bit of that, it doesn’t seem like any more than there has always been. I still remember threads about whether or not it was a sin to take more ketchup packets than you needed from McDonalds, even if by accident because you just misjudged how much you needed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: And that was years ago when the forum was at its “peak” in terms of numbers and before the proliferation of political threads.


OPQ = Original Poster Question


So what is “Flag it”?

And How do I do it

God Bless you



“Flagging” a post is where you can report something that is offensive. If you click on the three dots at the end of your post, a flag icon will come up, so you can do so.


OK, so it’s been a while since I posted in this thread. The new style is kind of growing on me. I like it, but still have some issues.

Is there a way to make a thread have multiple pages rather than just one HUGE scrolling list? Also, how can you quickly get back to the top of a topic, or forum? I probably missed both of these somewhere in this thread as the darn thing is so long, lol.


I don’t think there’s a way of making pages instead of a list, but if you’re on a laptop you can use the slider to the right, and drag it up so you get to the top of a thread. Also, you can press ctrl+f to search within a topic for a certain word or phase.


This is getting pretty complicated!

  • Yes
  • No

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I do not believe this is possible.

This is pretty easy to do. From a computer, you have a few options. If your keyboard has Home and End buttons, you can press those to immediately jump to the top or bottom of the thread.

Alternately, you can take a look at the slider bar on the right. If you click on the time stamp at the top of the bar (the time/date the thread was created), that will take you to the first post. If you click on the time stamp at the bottom of the bar (the time/date of the most recent post), that will take you to the most recent post. If you hover your cursor over the bar itself, you can either click anywhere on the middle of the bar and be taken to that place in the thread. Or else you can hover over the blue bar and click and drag it up and down.

If you’re on mobile, it might depend on whether you have iOS or Android. I know on iOS if I tap the center-top of the screen (where the time is), it automatically scrolls to the top of the page. This works on any website, and it also works here at CAF. I’m not sure if Android functions the same way or not.

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