What do you think of the forum redesign?


Moderators never checked accuracy of assertions about the faith or theological soundness. If you require a more trustworthy response to a question, try the Ask an Apologist section or you priest.


Its lousy. Hard to follow. There’s little info on posters, such as religious affiliation, making religious discussion difficult. The word limit is crazy small.

Not a fan at all.


Out of interest, what is the word limit? I’ve not figured it out yet.


Something like 3200. In the old system it was a reasonable 6000, as I recall


Thanks! Right now it’s the minimum word count that’s bothering me more, but once I get to a thread where I have a lot to say, that’ll be annoying.


16 characters. Right? lol. Lots of dots.


Happy Forum Anniversary, @Lou2U! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, as mentioned, it’s a different word limit here of 3200, than it was on the old forum.

There’s also the same word limit for the PM system here, too.


:grin: Thank you so much! I can feel that word limit will be getting on my nerves one day!


I think that some are not filling that information out on their profiles, so then we don’t know what the religious affiliation is.


I think that not having posters’ religion instantly visible is problematic, and something I wish would be rectified.


If you are a “talker,” like I am, you find that you might have to do some editing to fit the parameters of the word count limit at times! :wink:


Ha! I certainly can be if I’m (over)invested in a thread! :smile:


3200 words, or 3200 characters? 3200 words is almost two pages of single-spaced typed text.



Way earlier in this and other threads some of the work arounds were described.

In the old forums, the religion appeared. If the person didn’t fill that in their profile, it didnt. So if you have one who has filled it out, it’s one click or poke away. If you hit the little circle describing the poster, the dialog box pops up showing their religion.

For too long to fit, people have been continuing onto a second or third post.

For short replies, you can use the less than sign, a couple of letters then a greater than sign, no spaces, no other punctuation. Example is on the post I will send after this one.





The limit is lower. But I think the old way of responding may have something to do with that. With the old forum you had to quote what you were replying to. There was no tracking of what post you replied to. With the new forum it tracks what post you reply to. So maybe we don’t neeed to quote as much from posts as we did in the past? That said, I still like quoting extensively.




Hi @DaveBj,

I’m sorry if I’ve been mixing the incorrect word usage and causing confusion…:persevere:

I have trouble with my memory at times, and I have difficulty finding the proper words for what I want to say…

Yes, roseeurekacross is correct. The software counts actual characters. It will tell you when you are over 3200 characters so that you can edit your PM, for example.


Interesting character count I have discovered, if you flag using the other and writing in that box, then go back and edit the reason or spelling, a character count comes up. 2 to go type count.


So do I. I need to ask a question but I’m completely at a loss as to how I do it now.

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