What do you think of the forum redesign?


I AM responding to SPECIFIC post, clicking on the AVATAR, selecting mail, writing my message and the copy and pasting the USER name:

In 3 attempts with 3 different users EACH TIME i receive the SAME error message:


So WHAT am I doing wrong?

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I first attempt to TYPE in the name, not oce was their an “authofill”…WHY

Thanks and GB



When you click on their Avatar and select message, that user should already be set as the message recipient so you shouldn’t have to add that particular user.

If you Copy and Paste another user name, it will have a popup of the valid user name(s). If you don’t select from the list of valid user names (either clicking on it or hitting enter), it will consider it an invalid name. There are technical reasons for it, but if you just paste the name without selecting the valid name from the list it won’t link it to the user. That is true even if you pasted a perfectly valid name.

If you are selecting a name from the popup and it still says that the name is invalid then I’m not sure what the issue is. I’d have to experiment to see if I can produce the same result to be able to say why it fails and how to work around it.


This makes more sense. At the bottom of the topic below the bookmark button there should be a button saying normal, muted, tracking or watching. If you set it to watching you should get a notification for every reply. It is probably possible to auto set to watching on a reply from your profile but I’m not sure.


Go to your profile
Click Preferences
Click Notifications
When I post in a topic set it to -> watching

It is possible :slight_smile: .


That’s very true! I wish it was simpler to work out.

As an aside, does anyone know if there’s a post limit on threads? I thought it would be 1000, the same as the old CAF, but we’ve gone over that now.


I don’t know if there’s a post limit?

I have seen threads go over a 1,000 count and still remain open.

It seems to me that we’re now going by the topics closing 14 days after the last reply, perhaps?


I miss the old look.


I suspect that @PJM is having the issue that I got when I tested it i.e. the popup does not appear. I’m going to create a topic on this in site feedback (seems like a bug) and probably the post character limit too.


The default post count for Discourse to auto-close a thread is 10,000. I don’t know if that setting has been modified for the CAF install or not.


Thanks for the clarification, @Elf01. When you open the popup issue you will want to include the browser version, OS, platform, and potentially any browser plugins/add-ons (Grammarly for example). I can’t reproduce that particular issue on the 4 main devices I use daily so it is likely caused by some combo that doesn’t play well with the underlying web framework.

Thanks for trying to help @PJM and others out. I know it can be frustrating when you just want it to work and you do what others say but get different results.


I’m glad I could reproduce it though and that I have been able to help with other issues. I tested on two browsers so don’t think it’s browser / plugin specific but will give as much detail as I can think of.



God Bless


I am seeing quite a few http 502 errors when posting. Anyone else seeing these?


No, I haven’t. Are you on a computer, or is it a phone or other “device”?


At the time, iPhone.


In my original post on this thread, I made some pretty disparaging remarks about the new forum design. But as time has transpired, I can clearly see that I was mistaken with my comments. I find that I spend as much time posting here as I did before. This new forum is definitely growing on me.


Am I the only one that thinks spending less time here would be a good thing?


Its awful. This will be a deal breaker for using this site I think.


No. That’s why I give it up (almost) every Lent. Sometimes on religious internet forums (not just CAF), I am reminded of the image of the theologians who—when they die—prefer to spend eternity in hell talking about God than to actually spend eternity in heaven with God. I forget if it was a C.S. Lewis or Peter Kreeft book where I read about that.

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