What do you think of the forum redesign?


Be more concise. :roll_eyes::rofl:


Some of us really like to be wordy and verbose and just generally use a lot of words. Words are essential to communication, and sometimes using a lot of them is helpful in conveying the points we are trying to make. Which is to say that sometimes we use a lot of characters and a lot of words to make the point that needs to be made. Not using as many words might be detrimental as someone might then miss the point that we are trying to make or the meaning of what we are trying to say.

So, in that respect, I can agree that I like to use a lot of words to say things. But only sometimes. I can be brief too. But mostly I like to use words. Sometimes a lot of words.

To put it in other, yet similar terms, language is essential for communicating thoughts and words are an indispensable part of language. So without words, it becomes very difficult to get our point across. What if by being too brief, someone misses the point of our post entirely? Perish the thought!

To put it in still another, yet equally similar, manner of speaking, without words, our posts would be non-existent. And thus they would be pointless. I certainly would hate to think of making a pointless post. Better to go on and on and on (and perhaps on a bit more) in hopes of eventually arriving at something resembling a point.

So… wait, where was I? Oh yes. So, in conclusion, I think that more words can often be betterer. They help us more fully say the things we need to say. And if we cannot fully say the things we need to say, then we risk others not understanding what we are saying.


Use more pictures.



You’re just lucky I broke up the post into separate paragraphs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Or if by being unnecessarily verbose, readers give up and skip our post entirely? Perish that thought too :wink:


HELP ME PLEASE:disappointed_relieved:


When I try to use the mail from the persons avatar it NEVER accepts the user name. And I have a person requesting that I PM them.

Thanks and God Bless,


I just joined, but I can imagine the shock at a redesign. Some of the things aren’t intuitive. (I can imagine many will say to that, “some of the things???!!!”)

For example, soon after I registered as a new user I got a greeting message from discobot. Nowhere in that message were the words “New User Interactive Tutorial.” When I found out through this board how to find it, I typed in what was required and got that same greeting message. So, clicking blindly, I clicked on the links in the message. One of them opened up to the new user tutorial. It was fun to take that, and the advanced one.

But back to the change, to stay on-topic. I participate in a crafts site. The features are always being upgraded, but there hasn’t been a complete overhaul. That would be a shock.

Anyway, this is my first post. I’ll probably read more than I participate. It’s a very informative place. :slight_smile:


I can’t find “squat” here. Where is the “button” or link to insert a new picture? Took me 4 different tries to login on 4 separate visits. Disgusted. Now I can’t find the “post” button


I’m throwing in the “towel”. It’s worthless. I may visit now and then but will not participate any more. Who was the lame-brain that designed this creature?


To add a picture click the upload button. It looks like an arrow pointing up from a thick line. To add a new post there should be a big plus sign on the lower right somewhere.


Hi Pat,

Click first on the avatar of the persons’s message. In my case, you would click on the opsrey. After that a box appears for the persons profile. There is a button top right that says message. Just Click on that and you should be sent to the private message screen.

(I just sent you a pm with this same message, too.)



That is precisely what I have done, and on 5 different POSTERS, I have not been able to send a PM… so WHAT am I doing wrong?

Any help gratefully accepted

God Bless you



Someone told me that my THEME was on DARKE and that is why, so I change d to DEFAULT and it still does not work



The spirit of the internet underworld is fighting against you, it seems . :japanese_ogre:

Hmmmm…Joe is the absolute best person to instruct, but I’ll see if I can help. Can you not pm be back? I sent you a PM, did you see it?

Usige is also an excellent trouble shooter. :smiley:


Is this a PM? {how can I tell?}

So HOW do reach these other experts?


you can get their attention using the @ symboll . For example


Come do your good deed for the day and help Patrick :smiley:

Also, he is reading this thread so he should notice it anyways.


No, this is not PM, it’s just the thread.


GREAT, so where do I put it [on what forum; do I start a new THREAD to do it?


Try this:

go to the top of your home screen (top right) and click on your avatar.

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