What do you think of the forum redesign?


Thanks for the prayers my friend! :slightly_smiling_face:

God bless you!

As I say, we’re all in this together! :slightly_smiling_face:


That is precisely why “OMG” was invented:disappointed_relieved::rofl:


You could just give him your email address, but you might not feel comfortable doing that on the forum, and we’re probably not supposed to do that. Not sure.

(Do you have graandkids?? :smiley: )


I thought that @PJM was trying from the new mesage function in his profile (that is what does not work on dark). I have no issues sending someone a message from their avatar. He is a member, so don’t think it’s trust level either.


THANK you,

But I tried again yesterday and FAILED with the same default of having to enter a correct user

Can some body list the steps BY THE NUMBER for me to try?

Not only am I getting frustrated, BUT my apologetics is suffering as I am unable to share my Catholic faith as I am prompted to do.

God Bless and THANK YOU so very much
Patrick [PJM]


Two and 3 1/2 GREAT grand kids:smile:

God Bless you


So if there’s someone you want to PM:

  1. Type their name into the search engine at the top of the page, to the left of the circle with a P in it.
  2. Click on their name, it’ll take you to their profile.
  3. Click on the blue “message” rectangle to the right of the screen. You should then be able to PM them.

I hope this helps - it works for me.


@cawebmaster I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you know why typing in someone’s username when trying to message them doesn’t work? It tells me that I need to enter a valid user, despite having no spelling mistakes, and obviously it’s not working for PJM as well. Thank you!


Well, I never message people in that way, and I don’t have any trouble. :smiley:

I think it is simpler if you have the member’s post in a thread right in front of you. For example. Just two short steps, I think.

  1. Click on the round circle to the left of the post (otherwise known as the Avatar), in your case, I click on the sunrise/sunset picture. One can actually single click or double click but the double click brings up the user profile page, and the single click just displays the member’s card.

  2. The next thing you see is what I just mentioned above. (btw I am in dark mode and this may make a difference at this point)…My next click is on the blue box at the top right of the member’s card or the top right of the member’s profile page. This box actually looks like a long blue rectangle and has an envelope symbol just to the left of it.

  3. Having done this, you should see a message screen that is primed and ready to send the message to the member.

Patrick, try this, and tell me where exactly you reach a snag along this set of instructions.


…I actually didn’t realise you could do it that way until I read your post :flushed:

I learn something new every day on CAF!


:slight_smile: … That’s ok. There is no set of new user instructions, I think, for some of the basic actions. The software interface is making assumptions that persons will intuitively or already know how to perform certain actions. This can be problematic.

I like what pianistclare said, “just keep clicking on various things to see what they do.” Many people don’t realize that there are things that can be clicked on. Like those three horizontal lines at the top left. (now… clicking on nothing at all will do nothing at all, just to keep everyone on the same page. :rofl: )


As with many things in the new design, there are several ways to get to where you want to go. I will show the two easiest ways to get to the PM screen and send someone a PM.

First, you can click on your avatar that is always in the upper right corner. Once you do this, the dropdown box will pop up. The icon that looks like an envelope is what leads you to the PM page.

upper_right_menu_with_dropdown_[marked] - Copy

When you click on the envelope, it will take you to the Inbox of your private messages. On the far left, you can see the various other portions of your message screen: Inbox, Sent items, and Archive. What you want to do is click on the “New Message” button.

New_Message_button_[marked] - Copy

Clicking on the “New Message” button opens up the “compose private message” box, which looks similar to the “compose post” box you see every time you write a new post. The top box (circled in red below) is the address field where you enter the username of the person you want to send a PM to. The middle box is like the “subject” line of an email and the larger box is where you write your message.

When you start typing in the username, a list of suggestions will pop up, like this:

new_message_addressee - Copy

You can see that I just typed the letter “P” in the address field and it pulled up 6 posters that start with the letter “P”. If you see the person you are trying to contact in that list, you can just click on their name and it will automatically add them to the address field. Otherwise, you can keep typing. Of course, you want to make sure you type the name exactly with no typos. Otherwise, it won’t know who you are trying to send a message to.

The second method is to click on a person’s username within any thread. So, for example, when I click on your username in this thread, your User Card pops up. I can then just click on the “Message” button.

Doing this will automatically take me to the “compose private message” screen, only your username will already be in the address field. It will also include a link to the post I started the process from, because it is assuming that I am writing you a message related to what I saw you post.

You can always delete that link if you don’t want it there.

Does this clarify things for you? If there is some particular point in the process that is the source of confusion, let me know!

God bless.


My problem (and I think it’s PJM’s problem as well) is that when I type in a name, no drop box appears so when I try to send my PM, it tells me I need to select a valid user.


Hmmm… I’m not sure what would cause that. My first suggestion would be to double check the spelling of the username. If that’s not the issue, you might check to see if the user is currently suspended. You cannot send PMs to users that are suspended (or banned).

To doublecheck that the username is what you remember it to be, you can always type in forums.catholic.com/u/insert user name here. That will take you to that user’s profile page where, again, there will be a big “Message” button with an envelope that you can click on and then have their username automatically added to the address field (which would hopefully solve the problem). You can also see if the user is suspended, in which case there won’t be a message button to click on.


That is why kids pick up computer stuff so much faster than many adults: they are not afraid of crashing the computer by clicking on the wrong thing. :smile: Trial-and-error is how I have pretty much gained most all of my computer knowledge.


When you type a username in the “add a user” field are you pressing tab or enter to confirm the name (rather than clicking to the next field)? If you’re still having difficulties please provide a screenshot if possible.


Ah, I see now! I was just clicking to the next field :flushed: . Thank you very much for helping (and sorry it was so minor in the end!)

ETA - thanks Joe, as well, for your help!


I don’t get a list of suggestions when typing in the “add a user” box.

Maybe, I have pop-ups blocked, idk. (I don’t really care, actually, was just curious.)


It seems reasonable it could be due to pop up blocker, but I don’t really know enough of the tech side to say.

Luckily, it’s not really necessary to have those auto-suggestions. It’s just a nice shortcut.


In messing around with it it seems you may have to pause sometimes to allow it to come up with the suggestions. Make sure you give it a few seconds. During that time don’t move to the next box.

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