What do you think of the forum redesign?


I’m also going to repost here, for reference, some of the reasoning behind the changes:

Thank you for your patience as we transition to our new forums. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

Regarding the new layout/navigation: please consider that any change in platform will take some getting used to. Over the past years we’ve had countless complaints that the forums are uninviting and convoluted and many of us here at Catholic Answers agreed. We know that many have simply turned away because of it. In addition, our old forums were not mobile responsive. The old platform did not allow us to modify or adapt to the changing mobile device landscape. As much as half of our traffic is mobile traffic of which the bounce rate was unacceptable. If you’re having difficulty with the new navigation or finding things please feel free to private message me by clicking my avatar and clicking the “message” button and I’ll be happy to help and answer any questions you have.

Regarding the new visual theme and colors: if you feel the new design is hard to read due to the white background, please try out the dark theme available in your user settings. We’ll also be adding an additional theme in the near future with more muted colors and grays. [Edit: We’ve since added the “CA Theme”]

Regarding the moderation of the new forums: contrary to what has been mentioned, the new forums are now more closely moderated within the Catholic Answers apostolate. In addition, the new platform affords us many more tools to protect the community from spammers and other malignant users.

Regarding the need for a stable platform: the old forum tools were very outdated and unmaintainable. This was causing us many problems. For example, there was only a window of time where we could allow new users to register. This was unacceptable. There were also many behind the scenes maintenance tasks involved in maintaining the platform that were simply breaking down. That is all being addressed with the new forums.

We want you to know that we value your opinions and will continue to work hard to make sure the Catholic Answers Forums are a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our members, new and old.


What features/characteristics actual or missing are the problem?

I think what they were “fixing” were issues affecting the ease and cost of administering the platform/service, rather than matters apparent to the users.


Might be good for the moderators to introduce themselves, or re-introduce themselves if they are the same folks doing the job prior to the new platform.


Hi Randy;


These new space restrictions ARE pro-protestant and counterproductive to serious Catholic Apologetics

And it IS a pity

God Bless you my friend,


I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Could you please elaborate?


So the end result was to throw throw baby out with the bathwater

CAF USED to be a platform for Catholic Apologetics; sas how progress can defeat itself

God Bless



Please let me know which features you’re referring to and I’ll try to explain the reasoning behind the change or perhaps the features are still available and I can point them out.


SPACE is HALF what it used to be.

I find myself regularly spending nearly as much time editing my POST as writing them on serious apologetics. Even keeping in mind the space restrictions when I reply. This means often elimination of Key points
For ME now, the single BIGGEST issue in the Space restrictions

OH, and HOW do I POST a new topic? I did it at first but can’t seem to locate the “site” anymore?

Having spent most of my life in management positions before I retired; I can guess at some of the reasons; BUT it has made as Randy shared; serious Apologetics all but impossibe

God Bless you,


Your efforts ARE truly appreciated,

But he SPACE issue is a KILLER!

God Bless you,



What is the character limit per post? 3200?

I sometimes struggled to stay within the 5,000 character limit of the old forum when providing detailed answers to complex questions.

Even then, I often had to continue from one post to the next. So, why would anyone think that tough questions can be answered well in fewer words?


I get it…now we give shorter answers to those with shorter Bibles.



You can type the letter c on your keyboard to create a new topic. (Just make sure you don’t currently have a blinking cursor in a text field).

You can also click the “New Topic” button at the top of any category listing page:



@Randy_Carson and @PJM, I understand your concern is with the post character limit. Before I try to address this, are there any other concerns you have?


The limit is arbitrary of course. I agree it is too restrictive now. It sometimes discourages depth when depth is actually warranted. A larger limit permits waffle and possibly spam-like behaviour (posting absurdly long extracts) - but I think the latter was infrequent and can be managed by flagging etc.

Please consider 5-6000 character limit if technically possible.



So happy to see you here again

God Bless



Something just occurred to me…

For those who just want to dabble in the forum or provide a short one or two line response to a question, the new format is probably okay. Especially for the younger crowd using their smartphones.

But for those of us who were power users…with tens of thousands of posts over a decade or more, the ability to sit down at a computer with a full size keyboard every night for 3-4 hours at a stretch in order to engage in some heavy apologetics like we did in the past…well, that is over. Do you know how often I referenced material I had posted two, three or more years ago? Or went back to look up something someone else wrote months or even years ago? Dunno about you, but I did it all the time.

And if I wanted to post the quotes from all 27 Protestants who agree that PETER is the rock, that might take four posts using the old character limit. Today? Good luck trying that now.

This is built for small answers on an even smaller device screen.

Interestingly, several atheist forums are still using the old forum software. I’m sure they don’t get the traffic that CAF gets (which seems to be the stock answer as to why the change was made), but it’s still available and it still works…better, IMO.


For ME, the primary issue is the SPACE

Secondly because I’m computer illiterate is how to start a New Topic

I CAN adjust to everything else

God Bless you,



How, why? …


@Don_Ruggero, if you elaborate on what you’re referring to as horrible, I’ll be happy to check if there are features that may be helpful or try to explain the reasoning behind a particular design element.

Which communication are you referring to? What is the purpose of the interjection “if it can be so termed”?


Oh, gee…where to begin (or why…since you can’t actually fix any of my complaints)?

But in no particular order…

  • Do I still have access to the 18,000 posts that I produced over the past 10 years? I like to re-use material that I have already formatted nicely in the past. Saves time.

  • Why is there no underline icon? Are Bold and Italics really all any thought might be useful?

  • Can I see what someone’s Religion is on the screen at a glance without having to click on EVERY single person’s profile so that I know how to customize my answer about infant baptism depending on whether the person is a Baptist or Baha’i?

  • Can I see how long someone has been a member of the forum or how many posts he or she has so I’ll know whether the shotgun post I’m about to reply to is from a one-time wonder or someone with more serious commitment to considering my answers? (Would it change what I post? You bet it would.)

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