What do you think of the forum redesign?


I struggle with the minimum limit.


I AGREE, I did not advantage look up of OLD Post [didn’t know how]; but like you I can spend hours in formulating, praying and editing my apologetics POST, and then having to type it two fingers at a time…

Yes, perhaps as it should be, for smaller users; that Is what’s happening now BUT that does address the NEED for detailed Apologetics.

I CAN see where this new format is even more difficult for me than it is for you.:disappointed_relieved:

Let US pray,



If you want to start a new topic, you can press the ‘c’ key on the keyboard and a new post will come up. Alternatively, you can click on the CA logo at the top of the page, which will take you to the Latest Posts. The option to create a “new topic” is on the right of the screen.


@Randy_Carson I think your first point is a good one. The remainder won’t undermine good apologetics


For your last two bullet points, you can just click on the circle avatar next to the poster’s username. It should come up in a little box with the poster’s religion, join date and profile. No post count, though, which I agree would be nice to have.

ETA - if the religion isn’t visible when you do so, it means that the poster hasn’t filled it in. Same as the old CAF.




As a FYI

HERE is what I’m SEEING on the screen of my laptop

All Categories
Catholic Living
Sacred Scripture
Moral Theology
Social Justice

I DO NOT SEE A NEW TOPIC OPTION above, or below the categories, or for that matter on the screen at all???

Is it ME or is is a to be FIXED?

I’m not fully understanding rhe “type” c

God Bless you,


Just press the c key on your keyboard. It’s a shortcut for “new topic”.


These are all the shortcuts you can use:



Thank you, @Randy_Carson

I’m seeing that you have 16.1k posts. Most posts have carried over from the old forums. You can use the advanced search options to try and find what you’re looking for. If you give me some sample keywords/phrases/etc. I can try to help verify that your old posts are still available.

This is somewhat discouraged as it is easily confused as a hyperlink. Bold and Italic serve as a way to emphasize key text. However, underlining is available by wrapping the text in [u] and [/u]

Clicking an avatar will popup more details including the member’s religion if they’ve decided to specify it. Doing so does not navigate you away from the page you’re currently on. This decision (and others) have to do with a decision of balancing interface density with clarity. Many of these decisions are in keeping with best practices of progressive enhancement.

Yes. This information can be viewed on their profile page by clicking their avatar.


See? I’ve been cheated out of 2,000 posts! :sunglasses:

Okay, I can underline manually. Grrr… (What about [indent][/indent]?

And yes…I DO get that I can sit here clicking each person’s avatar one at a time to see where they are coming from.

Which is not quite the same as being able to simply read the information on the screen as I scroll down through a long thread, is it?

So, how is providing less information at a glance considered either progressive OR enhancement?

And the clever moving emoticons? Surely you don’t think doing away with :tiphat: is an enhancement???


I think the 2,000 posts got lost when the Back Fence forum was removed, but I may be wrong.


We did reset the casual discussion thread (water cooler and backfence). So you may have lost some posts there. But, to your concern, all of the apologetics content has carried over from the old forums.

To add structure you may use the bulleted or numbered list formats. You can also

blockquote text

No, it is not the same. But if your concern in knowing this information has to do with responding to a particular person, clicking their avatar is all that is needed. It is also the case that different users want different info to show, and we cannot accommodate this currently.

To show everything at once would be contrary to both “progressive” and “enhancement.”

We may at some point work on adding additional emoticons to the existing library.



You rock.

How did you do that? This didn’t work:

So, you’re going to another forum and copying them over?


I copy and paste them from this link here ^. I have it bookmarked for easy access.

Scroll down to posts #31-33 for more of them.


With regard to the post character limit: 3200 characters is allowed per a post. longer limits are less conducive to a back-and-forth discussion. So often people will argue past each other because each is referring to a small part of the other’s larger post and vice versa. Longer posts generally discourage readers from continuing in a topic. Longer posts make it difficult for a moderator to assess exactly what a flagger is taking issue with.

However, so long as the content is relative to the topic, I don’t think a moderator will mind if you make a consecutive post (in a sense making the effective limit 6400 characters).



After you click the avatar and the box opens, click the poster’s name in the box and their profile page opens. You can view the poster’s stats there, including number of posts.

Your profile stat says you’ve created 1.1k posts.


I’m a (very!) new member so I don’t know what the old layout looked like, but I actually kind of like the way this site looks apart from how scrolling through threads works. (The forums I’ve liked using in the past would usually have pages with 50 or 100 posts each.)

I also think some aspects seems excessively modern, but that’s something I’ve gotten used to with a lot of my favourite sites.

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