What do you think of the forum redesign?


Is it possible this is associated with the dark theme? That theme has lots of odd issues. Try the CAtheme if you can stand it. Seems to resolve a lot of issues.


No, I’ve never had that issue on either dark or CA.


No. That is not what is happening. Now the blue box is telling me I have replied 3 times to this topic. Do I need a babysitter?

I have the white background.


This is my experience as well. I think it was designed to work for phones, so if you are on a laptop it does not run the same.:cry:


I have a Kindle I mostly use to access CAF. I haven’t noticed if it does it on my phone.


Maybe it was not designed to be very compatible with Kindle either?


I never had a problem on the old forum. At least it doesn’t happen on every thread!


It did it for a while, then I didn’t get the message, now I seem to be getting it again. I also use my Kindle or sometimes a laptop. I have found out I can ignore it and hit reply, so it isn’t doesn’t bother me now


Apparently we do! I must admit, this babysitter has made me more mindful of combining my responses into one post. What drives me crazy is there is no character count, so I have no idea when I am over the limit or where to split the post to fix it.


Two laptops and a phone with very few issues here. What browsers are you using?


Can someone tell me how to contact a moderator?



Here’s a link to Camoderator, I figure you can PM them. But since someone has @ them on this thread, they should get a notification and come to the thread.


Thank you! That worked! My question was answered on another matter unrelated to the
problem I addressed in this thread.


I hate it. Absolutely hate it.


I am trying to get used to it tho, since I don’t think it is going to get any better.


It definitely is not going to change back to what it was, but I think it can “get better” in certain ways, depending upon what you’re looking for. They have tweaked a few things since the new forum launched, so there are certain things that can be modified on the back end. Of course, there are things that cannot be changed (or perhaps that they do not want to change). But if there is some sort of functionality of the old site that you would like to see incorporated into the new site, it never hurts to make a suggestion to camoderator or cawebmaster.


I still find it incredibly difficult to use and particularly frustrating that you can’t tell who is on line.


To do what? The basic tasks of reading posts and writing posts and quoting another poster don’t seem more difficulty than previously.


No but I hate not being able to identify who of the people I often ‘talk’ to is on line.


That is a commonly found feature in many forums. Has anyone asked @cawebmaster whether that feature is possible here?

What benefit does that feature bring?

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